Lyons Dominates In Historic F1

Michael Lyons swept the FIA Masters Historic Formula 1 races at the 2013 Silverstone classic, taking victory in both Saturday and Sunday’s races.

The BRDC Rising Star took his RAM Williams TW07 commanding pole position in Friday’s qualifying, two seconds clear of Simon Fish‘s Ensign N180.

When it came to the races, Lyons was a class above the rest of the field, storming away on both occasions and never looking back. The only time anyone was able to hold on to the back of his car was during an early safety car in the second race, following a startline incident between James Hagan‘s Ensign MN177 and Michael Baudoin‘s Hesketh 308E.

The best battle of the weekend came from Simon Fish and Steve Hartley, who raced hard for the majority of the opening race, with Hartley consistently passing Fish at Chapel, before losing the place again later in the lap. On the final lap, however, Hartley tried the move into Chapel one final time, but this time it ended in contact, with both drivers falling down the order, finishing 20th and 21st respectively.

“I saw they were getting close,” said Lyons after the first race. “The problem with cars like this is that Silverstone is formation flying and it’s very hard to get through the field. It was a relief to get away, I dropped off at one point due to some pickup on the tyres, but once the grip came in I was able to just put the laps in again. These are great fun to drive.”

Hartley fought his way back through the field in the second race, coming from 21st on the grid to take the final spot on the podium, this time making the majority of his moves at Stowe. He came home third, behind Joaquin Folch, who finished second in the first race, and Lyons.