Baz Recovering After Nurburgring Accident

Loris Baz is targeting a return to action in the next World Superbike round at Istanbul Park after returning home from a German hospital on Wednesday. The Kawasaki rider was unable to race at the Nurburgring after crashing in the warm-up, suffering a suspected fractured vertebrae, but the injury is not as serious as first feared and the Frenchman is on track to return next weekend.

“First of all I want to say thank you to all my family, friends and fans for the messages of support. I appreciate them a lot. I feel better now only a few days after the crash but I am still in some pain. We should have more news about my recovery at the beginning of next week when I see more specialists, so we will see what they say. But in general it is better than they thought right after the accident, which is really good. My father drove me home on Monday, then we went to Spain to see some specialists and now I am back home in France again. I tried to keep everybody up to date on Facebook and Twitter, but there were a lot of changes and developments on the medical side so it was not that easy to know what to tell people all the time.”

“Most importantly things are better than we thought. Right now we are looking at a physiotherapy regime to be put in place. If everything works out as it should I will go to Turkey and try to race because my back feels much better than it did on Sunday. I want to say thanks to all the medial teams in Germany, Barcelona and now France. Also a big thanks to my team – they have been really close to me and that is very important right now.”

Team Manager Guim Roda is confident Baz will be able to ride to the best of his ability in Turkey despite the short recovery time.

“Loris will have some pain in the area of his injury for some days but we hope it will not affect his performance on the bike. Loris is 20 years old, a strong guy, and this was important in resisting the effects of the crash and for his recovery. All being well, we expect him to show the same level he had in Silverstone and Nürburgring. We want to thank all the doctors for the fast reaction and support during this matter with Loris.”