ReRace Aims To Make Motorsport Social

Motorcyclists may soon be able to access the same kind of technical feedback from their machines as their heroes in the Grand Prix world thanks to a new initiative born in Lucca, Italy. ReRace is a data acquisition system that collects advanced telemetry the like of which is seen in MotoGP while allowing motorcyclists to share their results on a social network.

The device, which can be easily installed on a motorbike, boasts a high quality colour display, can be connected with GoPro® to synchronize video and data, and can also capture RPM, Coolant and Exhaust Temperature and Gear engagement. With its in-built IMU, ReRace can also capture G-Force over three axis, lean angle on a motorbike, wheelie angle and yaw angle while also acquiring lap times and displaying RPM.

Through ReRace Connect, users can have virtual “garages” for multiple vehicles, personal profiles, detailed racing analysis, maps, a place to upload videos and the ability to ReRace with their results, allowing them to compare with and challenge others within the ReRace Connect community, ideal for track day motorcyclists.

Prototype versions of ReRace have been tested, obtaining positive feedback from the likes of Ambrogio Racing, the Moto3 squad for which Brad Binder races, the OnBike team from the CIV Italian Championship as well as from the Manx Grand Prix on the Isle of Man following testing by Federico Natali and Suzuki Italia Falaschi. The project has now launched on Kickstarter, a worldwide research funding website, and should sufficient support come in, the ReRace social network can become a reality.

The initiative, founded by Giovanni Puccioni, Alessandro Giovannini and Maurizio Petrini, can be supported through while further information is available at