Gold Medal For Martinez In Women’s Enduro X

Kacy Martinez took her first X Games gold medal in the Women’s Enduro X race in a convincing manner as she finished the race nearly 10 seconds ahead of the competition.

Sandra Gomez Cantero fought hard to take home the silver medal ahead of Rachel Gutish who speaking before the race said she would be happy to take home any medal as she was skipping her high school graduation and her chance to break her high school’s pole vaulting record at the Indiana State Track & Field Championships to be at the X Games.

“I got a good start, got out in front and just led it from there and tried to stay smooth,” Martinez said. “I’m just so pumped right now. I worked so hard for this.”

Heading in to the race there had previously been only two people to take wins in the event that made its debut at the 2011 X Games Los Angeles – Maria Forsberg and Laia Sanz. Fosberg is taking a hiatus from the sport as she is expectign her first child in Autumn while Sanz is concentrating her efforts on the Enduro World Championship in Finland this week.