Luke Davenport Blog: Keeping Busy

by Team TCF

Hi all,

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog.

It has now been three weeks since the last round at Croft. As always, withdrawal symptoms set in almost immediately and the mind starts to wonder towards Snetterton and the second half of the year.

The five week break is a big hole to fill for an aspiring driver. I completed most of my testing program prior to Brands Hatch due to the amount I had to learn, therefore, we have not made any plans to test the G55 over the break.

However, I have been very lucky to get an opportunity to test one of United Autosports other cars, the Ferrari F430 Challenge car, which Zak Brown used to compete with in the USA. This took place at Silverstone last week where I was helping out with a bit of coaching.

Davenport Got Behind The Wheel Of The Team's Ferrari F430 Challenge Car

Davenport Got Behind The Wheel Of The Team’s Ferrari F430 Challenge Car

As per usual, I have spent a lot of time up at the factory with the United boys. The British GT and GT Cup campaigns have continued with good success, so I make those events whenever possible to just make a nuisance of myself to be honest!

Away from the track I continue to focus on my cycling to keep in good competitive condition. I have been doing a little more with my sponsors Duo, having recently been on stand with them at the Hillhead quarry show.

This is also the time when I can catch up with friends from school. Most of them have had their 21st parties this summer which has been really good fun. Next week, a group of us from my old house at Uppingham are all going out to a friend’s villa and then onto Barcelona together.

All in all I am pleased with what I have learned in the first half of the season. I feel I have shown real potential as a front running contender for the second half of the season so fingers crossed it will be a good one.



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