Laura Tillet Blog: As One Door Closes, Another Opens…

After two and half years of working for Caterham Motorsport, I have decided to leave so I can focus on my career and proceed to aim for that important drive before I become “too old”. My experience at Caterham was amazing, I leant so much and can now see racing from the other side.

All the process and hard work that goes into organizing race weekends is pretty intense. I was also given so many opportunities like driving a kart next to a F1 car (how many people can say they have done that!).

Although I am happy to be pursuing my dream, it is sad to move on from the job that I really enjoyed doing, all the Caterham team that I have become good friends with and of course, the amazing drivers that made every race weekend a laugh. I have raced all over the world and meet hundreds of racing drivers but none like the Caterham bunch, they are such a great crowd and I will miss them hugely.

But unfortunately I have had to say thank you but goodbye to Caterham so I can now commit and dedicate a lot more of my time to what is coming up soon.

In the meantime I am now working for Tillett Racing Seats and chasing my brother around the world, supporting his racing for the rest of the season. Hopefully I can teach him a few things. I will however have some news to release in my next blog in regards to racing so make sure you watch this space for my next update.

In the mean time follow me on twitter @tillettlaura for regular information.