2015 Dunlop 24 – Silverstone: Live Blog Part III

www.theCheckeredFlag.co.uk are covering the return of 24 Hour racing to Silverstone with the Dunlop 24. We’ll be keeping you updated throughout the race with updates and we’ll also be following the race with our Live Blog coverage.

This live blog will be updated during the third six hours of the race, taking the race through to 10am.

Nick Smith April 26, 201504:02

Halfway through the Dunlop 24 Hours at Silverstone for 2015 and we have just finished safety car #13.

Nick Smith April 26, 201504:04

Good news for Beechdean Motorsport comes as they enter second place overall. They lead class 3 from the Aston Martin of Speedworks Motorsport.

Nick Smith April 26, 201504:05

Former leaders in the Simpson Motorsport Audi R8 LMS continue their drop down the order as Speedworks take third overall. Class 1 continues to destruct before our very eyes.

Nick Smith April 26, 201504:17

King of efficiency must be the Saxon Motorsport BMW 135d which has ‘only’ lost nineteen laps to the leader but has stopped just seven times during the race.

Nick Smith April 26, 201504:19

The little 1-Series is also closing in on a class podium position, only a lap to get back before battle lines are drawn.

Nick Smith April 26, 201504:20

The team boss for the #38 Corum Motorsport Chevron is popular, the race control staff want to see him again.

Nick Smith April 26, 201504:26

Safety car is back out.

Nick Smith April 26, 201504:26

By our count thats 14 safety car interventions so far this race.

Nick Smith April 26, 201504:31

We are still trying to figure out which car(s) are missing from the order.

Nick Smith April 26, 201504:33

Now the safety car is getting ready to come in.

Nick Smith April 26, 201504:36

And we are racing again at Silverstone.

Nick Smith April 26, 201504:40

That brewing battle for position in class 4 has come to a head with the Saxon Motorsport BMW just 10 seconds from the #58 WEC Motorsport BMW 3-Series.

Nick Smith April 26, 201504:42

Now its 4.3 seconds and continuing to fall.

Nick Smith April 26, 201504:43

The class 4 leader has transgressed, the team boss of Bas Koeten Racing has been called to the Clerk of the Course.

Nick Smith April 26, 201504:44

Now the Topcats team boss has been asked to come to race control too. Thats for the #15 orange Marcos Mantis.

Nick Smith April 26, 201504:47

The Saxon BMW is now up to third in class after a move on the #58 WEC BMW. Next up, two minutes down the road is the Red Camel SEAT.

Nick Smith April 26, 201504:51

That didn’t take long, both Saxon and WEC Motorsport are now past the Red Camel machine, knocking  the SEAT out of the top ten.

Nick Smith April 26, 201504:54

A car has been given a 30 second penalty for overtaking under the safety car. Unfortunately race control are showing fatigue and didn’t tell us which car.

Nick Smith April 26, 201504:55

Its the class 4 leader. Bas Koeten Racing who will need to come to the pits for a penalty,

Nick Smith April 26, 201505:01

Right, Cor Euser’s Lotus Evora takes a planned stop while the car they are racing, the Koeten SEAT owes us a penalty.

Nick Smith April 26, 201505:06

Team LNT have continued to build the lead they have recovered since their overnight problems. The now sit clear at the top of the field by a three lap margin.

Nick Smith April 26, 201505:09

The leader is in the pits but under very little threat as Team LNT build a four lap margin over the Beechdean car around them.

Nick Smith April 26, 201505:10

Safety Car

Nick Smith April 26, 201505:13

Thats also the #91 MARC Cars Australia in the pits, its the 20th stop for this car.

Nick Smith April 26, 201505:17

Thats now the Peter Cook entered Simpson Motorsport Audi and the #36 Speedworks Aston Martin in the pits. The leader is in too, the #12 Ginetta.

Nick Smith April 26, 201505:18

Nick Smith April 26, 201505:19

So Sir Chris Hoy isn’t convinced that the #12 Ginetta-Nissan will keep the lead of the race as it repairs the damage from contact out on track.

Nick Smith April 26, 201505:21

This safety car could well rob the Beechdean Motorsport Aston Martin the chance to lead this race outright.

Nick Smith April 26, 201505:24

The MJC Ferrari crew are beginning to pack away as the safety car comes prepares to come into the pits. The MJC machine has lumps of gear cog in the transmission oil.

Nick Smith April 26, 201505:24

And we are green.

Nick Smith April 26, 201505:25

The Ginetta came off worse in side to side contact with an Aston Martin which is why it is in the pits at the moment.

Nick Smith April 26, 201505:28

Beechdean Motorsport, a class 3 car, lead the 2015 Dunlop 24 Hours at Silverstone!

Nick Smith April 26, 201505:30

The #91 MARC Ford Focus meanwhile is set to the penalty box for five seconds because the pit stop was too short.

Nick Smith April 26, 201505:31

We have gone green again and Beechdean lead but the #8 Simpson Motorsport Audi is lining up, only twenty seconds split the two leaders.

Nick Smith April 26, 201505:33

Beechdean continue to hold off, the gap is now 16 seconds.

Nick Smith April 26, 201505:35

It was the third placed Speedworks Ferrari which damaged the factory Ginetta LMP3.

Nick Smith April 26, 201505:39

Team LNT are now in sixth place, we are coming up on twenty hours in the books

Nick Smith April 26, 201505:41

Battle is joined at the front with the Simpson Motorsport Audi just seconds from lead.

Nick Smith April 26, 201505:43

Lead change, then the Audi comes to the pits.

Nick Smith April 26, 201505:44

LNT are still in the pits as the Audi goes back out to try and regain the lead.

Nick Smith April 26, 201505:57

Beechdean have a lap over the Peter Cook Audi as we race towards the final ten hours.

Nick Smith April 26, 201506:00

Charlie Robertson has rejoined the fray in the hobbled Ginetta-Nissan. Its seven laps down but there are ten hours left.

Nick Smith April 26, 201506:07

The switch from wets to slicks has started. The Corum Motorsport Chevron went first but it is struggling in the cold morning.

Nick Smith April 26, 201506:11

The second placed Audi is now trying to unlap itself from the race leading Beechdean AMR Aston Martin Vantage.

Nick Smith April 26, 201506:11

Meanwhile the Saxon Motorsport team boss is called to the race director.

Nick Smith April 26, 201506:12

Well down the order after troubles over night but not forgotten, the Radical Motorsport RXC V8 heads on to pit lane as the GT4 Aston Martin holds off the GT3 Audi on the other side of the pit wall.

Nick Smith April 26, 201506:14

For the first time this race the Mensley Motorsport Ford Fiesta, which battled a hub failure with no spare overnight and was forced to borrow from a spectator, has made it onto the first page of the timing screens.

Nick Smith April 26, 201506:15

Thats half the job done for the Simpson Motorsport Audi. It has unlapped itself against the race leader but still has to claw back another lap and pass for position. The LMP3 machine of the Ginetta factory are also on a recovery drive.

Nick Smith April 26, 201506:16

It’s official, twenty cars have survived the night and are now in daylight. Welcome to Sunday.

Nick Smith April 26, 201506:19

The Saxon Motorsport team have been given a drive through penalty for pit lane infringements. That means that they either didn’t have the driver out of the car when they started fueling or that someone was working on the car while the fuel was going in.

Nick Smith April 26, 201506:21

The #17 Marcos Mantis from Topcats Racing spins at Brooklands but continues. Not after a scary moment with a quickly approaching car though.

Nick Smith April 26, 201506:22

After experimenting with slicks it seems that Corum Motorsport are giving up and going back to a Dunlop with tread.

Nick Smith April 26, 201506:22

Three hundred laps in the books.

Nick Smith April 26, 201506:24

Based on that three hundred laps we can expect somewhere around 500 laps by the end of the race. That assumes a similar level of safety cars in the second half of the race.

Nick Smith April 26, 201506:26

The Team Russia by Barwell Motorsport MARC Focus is also back in action, It has just taken 21st place from the stricken SICL.com SEAT. Next up is the Ford Fiesta of Mensley Motorsport.

Nick Smith April 26, 201506:30

The Radical has taken a small setback on its road to recovery. A ten second stop and go for a pit lane infringement.

Nick Smith April 26, 201506:32

The Simpson Audi has retaken the lead as the Aston Martin of Harry Whale pits.

Nick Smith April 26, 201506:44

The Team LNT Ginetta LMP3 has found some pace, its only seven seconds off its fastest lap of the race.

Nick Smith April 26, 201506:45

Meanwhile the Beechdean Aston Martin continues to cling doggedly onto the Simpson Audi.

Nick Smith April 26, 201506:49

The leading Audi is in the pits.

Nick Smith April 26, 201506:50

And the Volvo Safety Car returns to the circuit.

Nick Smith April 26, 201506:50

And its coming back in.

Nick Smith April 26, 201506:53

Green flag.

Nick Smith April 26, 201506:54

Beechdean have reclaimed the lead on the pit stop cycle.

Nick Smith April 26, 201506:59

Now the green Topcats Marcos is being called to race control.

James Broomhead April 26, 201507:02

15 hours and two minutes in and the  WEC Motorsport BMW has just set its fastest lap of the race

James Broomhead April 26, 201507:05

The #17 Topcats Marcos has been given a drive through

James Broomhead April 26, 201507:05

Reports that the Ginetta-Nissan is in the Vale gravel

James Broomhead April 26, 201507:06

The Beechdean AMR car is in from the lead of the race.

James Broomhead April 26, 201507:09

With very little ado the Beechdean Aston is back in the race, but it has fallen back to second behind the Simpson Motorsport Audi

James Broomhead April 26, 201507:10

Cor Euser Racing are also in the pits from fourth overall – they continue the trend of swapping onto slick tyres

Nick Smith April 26, 201507:19

A big shut between the Speedworks Aston Martin and one of the two Marcos Mantis from Topcats Racing.

Nick Smith April 26, 201507:20

Its at Woodcote and the #15, orange colored Marcos. Its curtains for the Marcos. Safety car is out.

James Broomhead April 26, 201507:25

Much pitting under the safety, even though the entry is partly blocked by Marcos

Nick Smith April 26, 201507:25

The Ginetta-Nissan gets unloaded from a wrecker in the pit lane after Charlie Robertson’s mishap. (Credit: Nick Smith/TheImageTeam.com)

James Broomhead April 26, 201507:28

The Marcos is brought back to the pits on a low loader. the front bodywork is shredded.

James Broomhead April 26, 201507:29

Green flag back out – 8 and a half hours remaining

James Broomhead April 26, 201507:29

The team manager from Speedworks has been called to race control. Stewards having a look at the indient that put the Marcos into the wall.

James Broomhead April 26, 201507:33

The Speedworks Aston is still in the pits. They’ve fallen behind the Cor Euser Lottus to 3rd in class 

James Broomhead April 26, 201507:34

The Audi is in from the lead of the race

James Broomhead April 26, 201507:37

The Audi holds the lead after their stop, but the Beechdean Aston is on the same lap

James Broomhead April 26, 201507:39

Now, oddly, the Audi falls into second place, the Beechdean squad retaking the overall lead with a 27 second gap

James Broomhead April 26, 201507:40

Ginetta report – a fire burnt through the wiring which led to a stuck throttle, Charlie Robertson put the car in gravel to avoid a bigger accident.

James Broomhead April 26, 201507:41

The source of the fire is being put down to chunk of bodywork that lodged in the exhaust after their contact with the Asto earlier. That”s a proper endurance racing incident.

James Broomhead April 26, 201507:44

The Speedworks Aston has been given a 60 second penalty and the blame for the contact with the Topcats Marcos. No need to worry though as it’s still in the pits.

James Broomhead April 26, 201507:47

Despite the class diifference the Class 3 Beechdean Ason is pullig away fro the Class 1 Audi

James Broomhead April 26, 201507:50

In the lead  the Beechdean car has just been taken on it’s fastest lap of race – 2:14.857

James Broomhead April 26, 201507:51

It’s lead is now up to 54 seconds

James Broomhead April 26, 201507:52

The Speedworks Aston is back on track – now they have to come back into the pits to serve their penalty.

James Broomhead April 26, 201507:54

and here they come now – another minute stationary awaits

James Broomhead April 26, 201508:00

The lead gap has just started to swing the other wal, the Audi crew edging back towards he leading Aston. Still 50 seconds between them at the moment.

James Broomhead April 26, 201508:03

Now the Aston pits. It’ll drop into the four lap gap between the Audi and the St Bas Koeten SEAT that leads Class 4 in third overall

James Broomhead April 26, 201508:16

The CHF500 Porsche 968 will shortly move into 12th above the damaged Ginetta and Topcats Marcos, and in preparation it’s done its best lap of the race

James Broomhead April 26, 201508:18

St Bas Koeten SEAT has pitted from third overall. They have a three lap margin back to 4th place.

James Broomhead April 26, 201508:26

Hmmm, the Dutch run SEAT ha sonly just left the pits, that 4 lap margin wasn’t enough to the Cor Euser Racing Lotus takes third place.

James Broomhead April 26, 201508:31

The Mensley Motorsport Fiesta’s march upwards continues, taking 18th overall.

James Broomhead April 26, 201508:42

The leader is in the pits. Should be a routine stop, but will it lose the lead back to the Beechdean Vantage GT4?

James Broomhead April 26, 201508:44

The APO Spport is back on tracks after some long repairs. And it’s prompty warned it may be dropping fluid.

James Broomhead April 26, 201508:44

And the team heed the warnings and bring the car back to the pits

James Broomhead April 26, 201508:49

Once again the Audi’s pitstop allows the Beechdean car back into the lead

James Broomhead April 26, 201508:54

The Beechdean car – that one that’s in the lead – is being warned that it’s transponder has stopped working

James Broomhead April 26, 201509:02

The Beechdean team have come into the pits, losing the lead but hopefully gaining a transponder

James Broomhead April 26, 201509:05

The Aston crew remain on the lead lap, 80 seconds behind the Simpson Motorsport Audi

James Broomhead April 26, 201509:12

Cor Euser Racing pits its Lotus from 3rd overall

James Broomhead April 26, 201509:31

The Audi is just edging away from the Beechdean car – it’s lead is up to 1:50 now – approaching a full lap

James Broomhead April 26, 201509:34

Amid all the dramas for the Topcats cars the #91 Marc Focus has got back into the Class 2 lead

James Broomhead April 26, 201509:35

But as I say that marshals are pushing the car down the pitlane

James Broomhead April 26, 201509:40

The team manager of car #10 – the Radical – is being incited to race control. That car’s had enough drama already

James Broomhead April 26, 201509:40

The Audi comes in from the lead, passing the point to Beechdean in what has become a well established pattern

James Broomhead April 26, 201509:41

The #91 car’s issues were short lived – it’s back on track now, nine laps ahead in its class

James Broomhead April 26, 201509:43

The next issue for the Radical is a 10 second stop go penalty after a short pitstop

James Broomhead April 26, 201509:44

Sorry – it’s just a normal stop-go penalty

James Broomhead April 26, 201509:45

And – as expected – the Beechdean Aston takes the lead again

James Broomhead April 26, 201509:52

The gap between the Aston and the Audi is a minute, and it’s coming down

James Broomhead April 26, 201510:00

More fastest laps being set – the track is coming back to the teams nicely as we start the final six hours of the race.

James Broomhead April 26, 201510:02

Which means it’s time to break out the fourth and final part of our live blog coverage. Follow the race to the end here: https://www.thecheckeredflag.co.uk/2015/04/2015-dunlop-24-silverstone-live-blog-part-iv/