2015 Dunlop 24 – Silverstone: Live Blog Part IV

www.theCheckeredFlag.co.uk are covering the return of 24 Hour racing to Silverstone with the Dunlop 24. We’ll be keeping you updated throughout the race with updates and we’ll also be following the race with our Live Blog coverage.

This live blog will be updated during the final quarter of the race, through to the fall of the checkered flag at 4pm.

James Broomhead April 26, 201510:04

The Radical RXC now has an 11 second penalty for pit lane speeding

James Broomhead April 26, 201510:08

The Audi is back in the pits – that breaks the rhythm of the race between them and Beechdean.

Nick Smith April 26, 201510:16

Class 5 leader Red Camel – Jordans.nl are in the pit lane now taking on service. Ivo Breukers say that the car gets 25l per hour fuel consumption so this could well be the penultimate stop for the SEAT.

Nick Smith April 26, 201510:19

The leading Aston Martin of Beechdean Motorsport are headed to the pits for service. Their main rivals, the Audi of Simpson Motorsport has been stranded in the garage for a while now.

Nick Smith April 26, 201510:20

The JR Motorsport machine, the #61 BMW M3 is off at Luffield. The back end got loose and it just went straight to the wall.

Nick Smith April 26, 201510:22

Safety car is out for the #61 at Luffield.

Nick Smith April 26, 201510:24

After a torrid weekend including three rebuilds, the Team Russia by Barwell
Motorsport car is not only looking good, but trading the world oil
resources for pretty lights. Good work.

Nick Smith April 26, 201510:33

Second placed SEAT Leon, the Bas Koeten Racing machine is in the pits for service. It inherited the lead from the Audi during its travails but now the gear shift problem is solved the R8 will no doubt bring it back when we go green again.

Nick Smith April 26, 201510:35

Lawrence Tomlinson is getting ready to bring the Ginetta-Nissan LMP3 back to the track.

Nick Smith April 26, 201510:35

And the safety car is coming back in at the end of this lap.

Nick Smith April 26, 201510:36

Cor Euser Racing are on the same lap as the Audi from Simpson Motorsport, so if the problems are not fixed properly it could fall of the podium very soon.

Nick Smith April 26, 201510:36

Green, green, green!

Nick Smith April 26, 201510:37

There are Nissan powered noises coming from the Ginetta area of the pit lane…

Nick Smith April 26, 201510:39

We are now working lap 400.

Nick Smith April 26, 201510:41

Team Russia by Barwell Motorsport are being summoned to the race director.

Nick Smith April 26, 201510:50

Nick Smith April 26, 201510:54

Right guys, your overall podium looks like this: Class 3, Class 4, Class 3. There are only two class 1 cars in the top ten, the class 2 leader is in 12th and the second place class 1 machine is three laps down on the class 5 leader.

There is no such thing as no chance.

Nick Smith April 26, 201510:57

The #41 Speedworks Aston Martin of Tony Hughes, John Gilbert, Ollie Hancock and Devon Modell has just been excluded from the race for causing an avoidable collision.

Nick Smith April 26, 201510:59

Thats good news for the Audi though which is now back into fourth place after loosing out to Cor Euser’s machine.

Nick Smith April 26, 201511:00

The #8 car is in the garage though after being towed into the paddock with a continuation of the gear selection issues.

Nick Smith April 26, 201511:07

Now the Red Camel SEAT’s team boss is on the way to the race director for a chat. Given that it was recently in the pits, we would suspect that there was a speed issue perhaps.

Nick Smith April 26, 201511:13

Oh, we had a mis-understanding earlier, and we apologise to Speedworks Motorsport. Its only John Gilbert who was excluded, not the car.

Nick Smith April 26, 201511:24

We are a little late with this but Charlie Robertson is now the proud holder of the 24 Hour lap record on the Grand Prix circuit. The previous record, a 2:04.019 was set by the Aquilla CR1 in 2011. The Ginetta-Nissan put in a 2:03.874 on lap three.

Nick Smith April 26, 201511:27

The #8 Audi has now retired according to Adam Sharpe on Twitter.

Nick Smith April 26, 201511:38

Car 41’s team manager will no doubt be relocating to race control. He is on the way there again.

Nick Smith April 26, 201511:48

And Lawrence Tomlinson returns to the pits.

Nick Smith April 26, 201511:49

The Lotus has also pitted but that is almost certainly routine.

Nick Smith April 26, 201512:00

The second placed SEAT Leon of Bas Koeten Racing pits for service. Its seven laps down on the leading Aston Martin but if the last four hours have shown anything, it is that anything can happen.

Nick Smith April 26, 201512:06

Beechdean now have enough of an advantage to stop for a cuppa and a pot of Honey and Ginger, and still get out in the lead of the race.

Nick Smith April 26, 201512:08

Leader in the pits. Perhaps the Ice-cream idea was well received.

Nick Smith April 26, 201512:14

The race has settled down again into another rhythm. The Class 1 leader is in the pits.

Nick Smith April 26, 201512:17

The team manage of the race leading Aston Martin has been requested in race control. There really isn’t that much they can do to punish any transgression though.

Nick Smith April 26, 201512:21

Safety car is on track.

Nick Smith April 26, 201512:25

James Kaye has had a significant off at the Chapel/Hangar Straight area. He’s gone in nose first but is out of the car and walking around. The driver is fine but the team have to be running out of spares now.

Nick Smith April 26, 201512:34

The Barwell Focus is on a wrecker, at least one more lap under the safety car before we go again.

Nick Smith April 26, 201512:36

The Beechdean Motorsport Aston Martin Vantage continues its serene run to a potential class victory, only an outstanding call to race control hangs over the car like a cloud. (Credit: Nick Smith/TheImageTeam.com)

Nick Smith April 26, 201512:38

And we are green again.

Nick Smith April 26, 201512:41

The #17 Topcats machine pits under green from second in the class 2 field. The team have four laps to play with and can take on more Sunoco fuel under racing conditions, which is why they didn’t take the less painful fill option.

Nick Smith April 26, 201512:49

Four hundred and fifty laps in the books and we are still going strong.

Nick Smith April 26, 201512:56

Its all gone a bit quiet again as we approach the final three hours of the race.

James Broomhead April 26, 201513:01

Three hours left in the Dunlop 24 at Silverstone 

James Broomhead April 26, 201513:04

The Beechdean AMR team are leading by 7 laps from the St Bas Koeten Racing SEAT, which also leads Class 4.

James Broomhead April 26, 201513:07

There’s then another lap of arrears to Cor Euser Racing’s Lotus Evora with Speedworks Motorsport’s Aston anoother 8 laps behind

James Broomhead April 26, 201513:12

The Porsche CHF500 Porsche has just set its best lap of the race – the little 968 is 12th overall

James Broomhead April 26, 201513:29

All is calm with two and a half hours remaining.

James Broomhead April 26, 201513:33

The Cor Euser Lotus is in from third – no pressure on the squad in the final podium position.

James Broomhead April 26, 201513:43

The Beechdean GT4 Aston is in for a pitstop – no rush guys – you’ve got a massive lead

James Broomhead April 26, 201513:57

The Red Camel-Jordans.nl SEAT sets its fastest laps 

James Broomhead April 26, 201514:09

The much repaired Team LNT Ginetta is gaining on the retired Simpson Motorsport Audi to take second in Class 1 

James Broomhead April 26, 201514:21

The Ginetta takes the place from the defenceless Audi, moving into 13th overall

James Broomhead April 26, 201514:31

The door to race control keeps on opening – the team manager of the #92 MARC Focus caalled in, though the car retired hours ago

James Broomhead April 26, 201514:31

The Beechdean enrty is in the pits – only 1:28 left with a 7 lap lead

James Broomhead April 26, 201514:50

The Beechdean Aston is back in the pits, 70 minutes to go.

James Broomhead April 26, 201514:54

No! the Mensley Motorsport Fiesta seems to have stopped on track and goes straight into the garage 

James Broomhead April 26, 201514:54

It was only five laps away from taking 14th overall from the Simpson Motorsport Audi

James Broomhead April 26, 201515:00

The Red Camel-Jordans team manager is invited up to race control. An hour to go.

James Broomhead April 26, 201515:09

The Radical RXC has stopped on track, but nothing can catch them in Class 1. The Corum Motorsport Chevron has lost a wheel

James Broomhead April 26, 201515:17

The problem for the Fiesta has forced the team to park the car. But they will be out to take the flag! 

James Broomhead April 26, 201515:18

It’s a gearbox problem for the Fiesta, the team don’t want to risk a rushed change with only 42 minutes left

James Broomhead April 26, 201515:24

The safety car has come out with 35 minutes to go.

James Broomhead April 26, 201515:29

Safety car comes in with 31 minutes still to run

James Broomhead April 26, 201515:37

The Radical’s eventful race continues as it is given another drive through.

James Broomhead April 26, 201515:38

The Saxon Motorsport BMW has gone into the garage – it cannot lose anymore positions from it’s spot in sixth

James Broomhead April 26, 201515:49

Team manager for the #91 MARC Cars Australia is getting a late call to race control

James Broomhead April 26, 201515:50

The Mensley Motorsport Fiesta is back on the track and has got by the retired Audi for 14th overall

James Broomhead April 26, 201515:57

The #91 gets a 4 second stop-go penalty with three minutes remaining

James Broomhead April 26, 201516:00

Onto the final lap – Jamie Chadwick headed for the checkered flag and victory for Beechdean AMR!

James Broomhead April 26, 201516:02

Beechdean AMR win the 2015 Dunlop 24 at Silverstone with drivers Jamie Chadwick, Andrew Howard, Jonny Adam, Ross Gunn and Harry Whale

James Broomhead April 26, 201516:06

The St Bas Koeten Racing team are second overall and win Class 4. Cor Euser Racing complete the overall podium places.

James Broomhead April 26, 201516:07

After an eventful race Radical Sportscars win Class 1, Red Camel-Jordans.nl win Class 5 and MARC Cars Australia Class 2

  • Johan Laubscher

    What happened to the Simpson Motorsport Audi now?

  • The Checkered Flag

    Gear selection problems they believe.