Norris Provisionally Excluded From Race 3

Lando Norris has had his win in the third race of MSA Formula taken away from him after it has been speculated he overtook Matheus Leist under yellow flags.

At the start of the race, Norris slipped from pole position down to 3rd behind James Pull and Matheus Leist. Because of a crash in the first corner, a safety car was called. Norris had been running behind Leist, however overtook him at the start of lap 2 as the safety car was called. This had meant that Norris had overtaken illegally and would not proceed to give the position up.

The crash had been caused by Gustavo Myasava. He had beached his car at the Druids corner and it needed to be removed. The pass from Norris put him into 2nd and would eventually allow him to set up and overtake Pull for the lead of the race after the second safety car period.

Norris when asked about his later move on Pull said; “I tried to settle into it a bit; I knew I had better tyres than James so I thought that I would be able to get him at some point. When I did, I managed to get a bit of a gap and break away from him.”

Meanwhile Pull, who had to give up his chance of winning, commented; “I learned from the earlier races and made a good start. But Lando got the jump on me at the safety car restart, got a run on me through Paddock and there wasn’t much that I could do about it.”

This means that Dan Ticktum now leads the championship on 50 points, while Pull and Ricky Collard are on 45 points, then Leist on 37 and Norris on 27.