Racing Steps Foundation Opens Doors to 3 MSA Formula Hopefuls

Since its inauguration in 2008 the Racing Steps Foundation (RSF) has helped British drivers financially through their racing career. At the end of the 2015 season they will select the three strongest overall candidates to go forward into a multi-disciplinary appraisal for a seat in the programme.

The seat won’t necessarily go to the highest point scorers. The RSF has promised to base their decision on talent, grit and determination. “We feel the time is right to look for a new, talented UK driver to join the RSF’s ranks and that the MSA Formula is the perfect recruiting ground for us,” said its founder Graham Sharp.

The drivers won’t just compete with themselves though. They’ll be three candidates alongside “selected other competitors”. While their chief executive Rob Jones commented “[The end result] is a world-leading structure and programme that has delivered great benefit throughout the sport.” Showing they are determined to find a driver they think will be successful in the future and a talent to watch for the future.

RSF has currently seen Oliver Turvey, the McLaren reserve and James Calado graduate. With both of them now competing in World Endurance Championship, it should be an example of how prestigious the funding should be.

The MSA Formula already hosts one driver with Racing Steps funding. Josh Smith has now progressed from Karting to compete for Fortec Motorsports within the Formula. This is a positive step forward for the new series that will want to embed itself into an established route for larger series.

The championship starts this weekend at Brands Hatch. With Sennan Fielding and Lando Norris having already proven themselves to be the fastest during Free Practice, could they be early favourites for the seat? Moreover, could we see a more competitive season amongst the British drivers as they compete for the chance of a more secure future for themselves.