Fulbrook Claims First Silverstone VW Cup Race

by James Broomhead

Joe Fulbrook powered through both the lead battle and the wet conditions at Silverstone to win the first Milltek Sport Volkswagen Racing Cup race of the weekend.

The defending series champion’s progress up the order began before the green flag. Both Michael Epps, who set the fastest time in the Saturday afternoon qualifying session, and  fifth fastest qualifier Joe McMillan were put to the back of the grid after both mens’ cars failed scrutineering, the penalty compounded by a ten second penalty to be served sitting on the grid while the rest of the grid powered away.

The thinning of the very front of the field continued on the green flag laps when Howard Fuller – due to line-up second – stopped on the Wellington Straight. He would bring the car back to the pits and would start the race from the pitlane, but his race would end in the gravel.

The penalties and Fuller’s problems gave David Sutton a handsome advantage on the grid, the Slidesports driver leading into turn one with Lucas Orrock and Aaron Mason in tow after making good use of the space allowed to them by the space left by Fuller’s Golf.

Fulbrook, meanwhile ended the first lap in fourth, a second and a half adrift of the lead trio, heading a squabbling train comprised of Phil House, Robert Barrable, Thomas Witts. On the strength of the opening exchanges it looked as if the #1 driver would have to be content with a race trying to keep those behind at bay, but as Orrock mounted a challenge for the lead Fulbrook was able to catch those ahead.

Orrock took the lead at Village, forcing Sutton out of the preferred groove and allowing Mason to power around Aintree and into second. Fulbrook then took advantage of the shuffle, taking second under braking for Brooklands. Now firmly established in the lead battle, which also included Phil House after he took had broken away from Witts and Barrable, Fulbrook moved from third to first two laps later, passing Mason at the southern end of the circuit before reprising his Brooklands move to take the lead.

Pulling away he left those behind to settle the matter of second place. Mason slid from third to fifth trying to take too much speed into Brooklands on a track that was drying with every lap with House moving up to pressure Orrock during the final lap. His attempts were unsuccessful, the different line demanded by his moves to overtake leaving him vulnerable to Sutton, who missed out on the final podium spot by just 36 thousandths.

Rockingham winner Jack Walker-Tully finished sixth – and claimed race two pole – after starting 12th with Witts, Barrable Chris Panayiotou and Darrelle Wilson completing the top ten.

Michael Epps, despite the double penalty, finished 11th, McMillan 19th.

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