Sutton serene winning VW Cup race two

by Joe Hudson

David Sutton looked untroubled as he took the win in the second Milltek Sport Volkswagen Racing Cup race of the day at a sunny Silverstone.

Starting from third place, he wasted no time getting past the front row starters of Aaron Mason and Jack Walker-Tully making sure that as he crossed the line at the end of the first lap he remained at the sharp end of the grid for the remaining nine laps.

While most of the grid made it through to start the second lap, two didn’t even make the start as Robert Barrable and Bobby Thompson spun on the green flag lap and pulled off the grid at the start respectively. Neither man would play any more part in the race.

On the back of the grid Michael Epps wasted no time pulling himself up the field and within a few laps he would find himself charging from 26th to 10th. Unfortunately for him, Howard Fuller was too quick to catch and he settled for the last spot in the top ten – but a very good drive nonetheless.

Back at the front, Aaron Mason, Jack Walker-Tully and Phil House were separated by the slimmest of margins as they fought for second place. At points they were thousandths of a second apart but for lap after lap the order remained static.

That was until the fourth lap as Walker-Tully moved to second thanks to a calm overtaking manoeuvre going into Club Corner. Mason was having none of it though and stuck his nose up the inside going onto the international pit straight, it looked like both would spin and hit the pit wall but thankfully they both held on and kept going with Walker-Tully now in second.

With the Cooke & Mason Racing man now on a charge to hunt down David Sutton, Mason was quickly falling victim to the attentions of Phil House in the PH Motorsport car.

House was touching the rear bumper of Mason’s Scirocco through many of the corners but it wasn’t until two laps from the end that he managed to get the move done. It started coming out of Luffield and the pair were neck and neck going down the start/finish straight – they were timed as being 0.037 apart – with House finally getting ahead by late braking into Copse.

From there, attentions shifted a position or two down the grid as Joe Fulbrook decided to take a more ‘personal’ approach to gaining places as he decided to thump into Lucas Orrock at Village by diving down the inside, trying to force a gap that really wasn’t there. He managed to make it stick though, and seventh place was his reward.

For poor Orrock, that shove off track meant he lost a place to Howard Fuller as well so what was a comfortable seventh place turned into an unpleasant ninth.

However, none of this troubled Slidesports’ Sutton and he finished with more than two seconds on Walker-Tully to claim yet another win this season and cement his place as a title contender – if he can keep scraping up a budget round-to-round.

Elsewhere in the top ten, Chris Panayiotou finished a lonely fifth place behind fourth placed Aaron Mason with sixth placed Thomas Witts five seconds behind.

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