Walker-Tully doubles up with second VW Cup victory

by Joe Hudson

Jack Walker-Tully has doubled up with wins at Rockingham as he took a comprehensive victory in the last VW Cup race of the weekend.

Starting in third place at the start, he wasted no time sending his Scirocco up the inside at the Deene Hairpin and make sure he was in a good position for the rest of the race.

Behind him, after losing his position at the front, David Sutton kept on going backwards throughout the race. By the end of the third lap he was down to fourth as Joe Fulbrook and Aaron Mason made short work of getting past him by essentially mugging him going into Deene.

All the battling behind allowed Walker-Tully to stretch his lead at the front and at points he was at least two seconds clear of those behind. Unfortunately for him, his lead was nullified a few laps later as the safety car came out thanks to a broken down car at the start of the Steel Straight.

Three laps later and the safety car came back in, but the leader almost hit the back of the safety car as he jumped the gun a bit to early coming out of Tarzan when he tried to control the pace. Thankfully for him, he managed to catch the pack behind by surprise and open up a reasonable gap to Fulbrook behind.

Indeed the leading trio of Walker-Tully, Fulbrook and Aaron Mason remained rather static until the end of the race with most of the moving around happening below, unfortunately that was mainly Sutton.

After the restart, the race one winner was overtaken in short order by Lucas Orrock and Howard Fuller, and then a lap later Jason Tingle also took his chance to relegate Sutton down to eighth.

When the chequered flag came out after a stern 12 laps for much of the field, the top three was as stated above, with Orrock and Fuller fourth & fifth. Matthew Wilson ended up in sixth with Tingle seventh, Sutton eighth, Joe McMillan ninth with Michael Epps rounding out the top ten.

There were only a couple of retirements in the end, with Darelle Wilson ending up in the pits with most of the front end missing and Chris Panayiotou pulled off early on in the race.

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