Status GP trio finish line astern in Race 2

by Chloe Hewitt

Seb Morris led home his Status Grand Prix team-mates Alex Fontana and Sandy Stuvik in 12th, 13th and 14th for the 22 lap Hungarian Sprint Race on Sunday.

Rookie Morris was on a charge from lights out  but contact with Matheo Tuscher damaged his front wing compromising his race and final position.

Following the race the Brit stated that: “It was a tough race today and we didn’t really gain or lose at the start. Midway through the race I had some contact with another driver. It was a racing incident and we just banged wheels.

“Unfortunately I lost both endplates on my front wing so it was just damage limitation from there on. Not an ideal weekend and at the next race we really need to focus on qualifying and not being out of position on the grid.” 

Fontana, having started from 15th place on the grid made a tardy getaway, before contact damaged the steering and hindered his progress further; from that point onwards all he could do was maintain position and fight to keep team-mate Stuvik behind him.

Whilst commenting on his race, the Swiss driver stated: “It was quite a hard race, but we knew it would be from the beginning and we tried a few things on the car to make the most of the track time that we had. It worked a bit better than yesterday. I lost a place at the start but regained three on the opening lap.

“After the safety car re-start I had some contact which caused my steering to be a little bent. Now we just really need to concentrate hard as we saw that the pace of one of our team-mates was quite fast. Now we have to keep working and looking forwards to Spa already.”

Starting out of position was the third Status car of Stuvik down in 22nd, as a result of an ignition issue on Saturday. Stuvik carved his way up the field into 14th place to join his team-mates and ultimately take the chequered flag astern with Morris and Fontana.

Stuvik had this to say for himself: “I had a pretty bad start and for the first few corners I took it easy to avoid any crashes. I managed to pick off quite a few people from the back, but as soon as I got to Alex it was more difficult.

“It is very hard to overtake here when the person in front knows what they are doing and so I was stuck and unable to benefit from the newer tyres and additional pace. We will now try and carry this race pace into the next weekend in Spa and as a rookie I am pleased with the race pace we have shown today.”

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