James Kellett takes fast and furious GT5 Challenge win

James Kellett has taken an incredibly fast paced victory in the second Ginetta GT5 Challenge win of the weekend as he was pushed all the way by yesterday’s winner Ollie Chadwick.

Starting on pole position the pair, as well as Callum Pointon, went three abreast into the approach for Riches but it was Kellett in the TCR Ginetta that went into the corner in the lead with Chadwick in the Xentek car slotting into second.

At this point onwards, it really was the Kellett and Chadwick show as the pair swapped fastest sectors as well as fastest laps as Chadwick tried to attack and Kellett maintained a solid defense.

In what was an eight lap race, the fastest lap accolade swapped probably six times as the gap between the pair closed in to as much as 0.2 seconds to 0.8 seconds depending on who felt like going the fastest on any given lap.

Looking behind them for a minute, there was another very close battle taking place as Russ Simpson in his Ginetta G40 went at it hammer and tongs with Jack Minshaw in the Buddy Racing entry for sixth and seventh.

For quite a while it was Simpson in sixth place but going into Nelson, Minshaw managed to make a successful lunge down the inside and found himself sitting in sixth. However, that only lasted a lap as Simpson didn’t take kindly to being demoted and claimed the place back on lap six.

Back at the front and Chadwick lowered the lap record he set yesterday by logging a 2:09.261. Even that wasn’t good enough to get himself past Kellett who was captaining the widest Ginetta ever seen around Snetterton.

As the flag fell, the top two were as they were, with Callum Pointon on his lonesome in third place ten seconds behind the leading pair and five ahead of fourth placed Luca Hirst with Matt Palmer another two-and-a-half seconds further back in fifth place.