Ollie Chadwick king of all he surveys at Snetterton

Ollie Chadwick took no prisoners in qualifying for the Ginetta GT5 Challenge as he remained in first place from the very first time he crossed the line to the chequered flag falling.

His very first lap across the line was a 2:10.149, an absolute stormer that put him almost six-tenths ahead of his nearest rival James Kellett who clocked a 2:10.731.

It didn’t take the Xentek driver long to extend the gap over over Kellett as he logged a 2:09.303 to ensure his lead was maintain. Kellett moved to within 15 thousandths of a second with a 2:09.318, but that would be the closest he would get.

Behind them, the rest of the grid were unable to keep up as Callum Pointon – who will start third – was more than 1.5 seconds behind the pair finally finishing with a 2:10.846, putting him six-tenths ahead of Luca Hirst who will start fourth.

Back at the sharp end, Chadwick wasn’t satisfied with the time he had already clocked and decided to break into the 2:08s with a time of 2:08.858 to give himself a quarter of a second worth of breathing space over Kellett. Kellett himself couldn’t get any faster than a 2:09.048.

With those two almost two-seconds ahead of third place Callum Pointon, the rest of the field behind was also quite spread out as Hirst in fourth was almost one-second ahead of fifth place Matt Palmer.