Cecotto Jr Announces his Retirement

Johnny Cecotto Jr has announced via Twitter that he will retire from Motorsport due to a lack of financial support.

The GP2 veteran, who had been competing with teams such as Hilmer Motorsport, Carlin Racing and Trident this season, failed to gather the sponsorship needed when he made a visit to the President of Venezuela earlier this week.

Tweeting in Spanish, the 26-year-old said: “Thanks to all the Venezuelans who supported me. Today my career ends without having received a response from President @nicolasmaduro.

In total, Cecotto won four races throughout his GP2 career – including Monaco – as well as standing on the podium a further five times at various circuits.

Cecotto’s unstable financial state had been known for some time, with the former race winner making many attempts to seek state sponsorship from the Venezuelan Government.

  • polmack

    TheCheckerFlag Could this indicate an effect on Maldonado’s continued sponsorship or did this come from a different vennisualian source?

  • Richard Moxley

    There other opportunitys out there I am sure there is spare seat going in Sportscars GT Indycar and such it is not over

  • Phil Lupton

    nothing like giving up easily, if he has as much determination as a driver, he’s better off at kfc

  • Ian Lusby

    I think he needs to take a few lessons from Dan Wells Psnl. There is always more than one source of sponsorship and you need to have the drive and determination to go out and get it, rather than expect it to come to you.

  • Owen Edwards

    I’m glad he won’t get a chance in F1 because he wasn’t good enough but it’s a shame to see him give up. He could definitely make a good career in WEC or GTs!

  • Stephen Kell

    Welcome to my world, he should try racing with my budget ie no sponsorship !!

  • Clive Cooksey

    That’s a lie Kell !!!

  • Andrew Blythe

    “If y having sponsor problems i feel bad f y son. I’ve got 99 problems, n old tyres is just one.”

  • Fred Hopkins

    The first of many unfortunately, my mate was 1sec quicker than 2 F1 main boys in the same car without DRS (the main boys HAD DRS!) But he doesn’t bring £60mil sponsorship with him, sad all these pay drivers!

  • Bill Yoswarit Chaipook

    if he doesnt ‘wreck’ like MONACO 2013