Michael Epps wins the race, Aaron Mason takes the title

by Joe Hudson

Michael Epps clung on for dear life as he faced challenge after challenge in the VW Racing Cup but it was Aaron Mason who took the title as he finished in eighth place.

At the start of the race, Simon Rudd made a lightning getaway to lead into Redgate with Joe Fulbrook following him close behind and Howard Fuller rounded off a canny podium on the first lap.

However, it didn’t stay too peachy for Joe Fulbrook as Howard Fuller made a great move for second a lap later at the esses but then the places were swapped again as Fuller had a massive slide at the Melbourne Hairpin.

After the slide for the Team HARD Racing man Jack Walker-Tully claimed third place and looked to make something happen with Fulbrook.

As all this was going on, championship leader David Sutton was seeing his strong position turn into a nightmare as he slipped down to 11th place and saw the title starting to swing the way of Aaron Mason who was running around eighth place for a lot of the race.

Having a nightmare of his own was Joe Fulbrook as he fell victim to car after car and saw his once strong podium finish turn into a barely top ten which then turned into an outside the top ten as the extended 40 minute ‘VW Racing Cup – Director’s Cut’ race drew its way into the second half.

While Fulbrook was going down, a man on a serious move was Robert Barrable. Starting at the back of the grid thanks to his dramas in race one – a race in which Bobby Thompson was excluded from victory for causing Sutton’s crash – he charged from last place all the way up to fourth in the space of twenty minutes and then made short work of Howard Fuller to claim third.

Aaron Mason was also making a mini charge up from seventh to fifth, but that was soon curtailed and he fell to eighth as the flag fell, however that was enough for him to claim the title by four points over David Sutton after both drivers’ drop scores were factored into everything.

Back at the front, Simon Rudd saw his lead snatched away by Michael Epps – who was promoted to race one victory after Thompson’s exclusion – and he was keen to double up.

However, Rudd wasn’t going to take that lying down and he never let Epps’ lead grow more than one second in the dying minutes of the race but couldn’t make a move to snatch back the lead.

It was the same situation for Barrable as he had to settle for third as the flag dropped, not able to make anything to get himself any higher.

Howard Fuller would claim fourth and Bobby Thompson would make another remarkable drive of his own from the back of the grid to claim fifth.

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