Newey Takes Chequered Flag in Dominant Race Two

Harri Newey remained unchallenged for much of the race to claim his second victory of the year and all but confirm second place in the championship, leaving his competitors hoping for a miracle in the final race.

In the second BRDC Formula 4 race of the weekend, Newey had the best opportunity to take top honours as he started from reverse grid pole alongside Jack Lang.

It was a good start by both drivers, but Newey made the best get away and soon built up a lead over the Norfolk driver. By the end of the race, a combination of Newey’s speed and pressure on Lang saw the HHC Motorsport driver take victory by almost ten seconds, in a performance that almost mirrored his team mates from race one.

It was Rodrigo Fonseca who had the biggest point to prove and carried over his good form from Saturday to secrure another podium finish. Having got into fourth in the opening laps, he soon found a way past Jordan Albert and was challenging was second.

But, despite the 12 minutes he was given, an excellent defensive display from Lang saw him take his best result of the season in front of the Mexican.

Albert would eventually finish fourth as he held of Ciaran Haggerty in the closing laps. Both Haggerty and Fonseca will go into the final race with a five point difference to determine who can finish ahead and challenge Tom Jackson, who had another poor race.

After a slow start, Will Palmer finally started to cut his way through the field in the final half of the race. The HHC driver would eventually finish sixth having spent much of his time in ninth.

Sisa Ngebulana hadn’t had the start he was hoping for and quickly fell to sixth. The South African would drop another place to Palmer, but like Lang will be pleased with his defensive performance in holding off Jack Bartholomew and Chris Mealin.

Having finished second in the first race, Fernando Urrutia was brought back down to earth in race two as he managed to cling onto tenth. The result allows Lang to build a gap in the drivers championship and effectively secure tenth place overall.