Dan Ticktum Banned From Motorsport Competition For Two Years

Former MSA Formula competitor Dan Ticktum has been given a two year racing ban by the the Motor Sports Association, following his controversial incident at Silverstone that the UK governing body called a “disturbing and dangerous episode.”

The incident occurred on September 27, in the final race of the Silverstone weekend. With the championship still an option Ticktum needed a good result to stay in contention, but was hit by Ricky Collard on the first lap as the cars headed into Brooklands.

A chain reaction behind, eventually saw the safety car brought out to remove the stricken cars. Collard and Ticktum both continued, albeit with the Fortec Motorsports driver at the back of the grid.

The report found that Ticktum ignored 13 yellow flags, four double-yellow flags, two white flags and 15 safety-car boards to overtake 10 cars and catch back up to his rival during the safety-car period, before making contact.

Court Chairman Guy Spillon said the incident was “totally irresponsible and reprehensible in the extreme”.

The ban, which is in effect from the day of the crash, will last until 27th September 2016, with the second year of the ban being suspended for twelve months “on the condition there are no further offences.”

While Ticktum can not compete in races, the ban does not stop him from testing machinery. He will have to retake his ARDS test, and has been forced to pay £2000 for the cost of the hearing.

Speaking after the Silverstone weekend he previously told Autosport: “Not only have I let myself down but more importantly I have let down so many people that are close to me too.

“I want to apologise to my fellow drivers all those people who have supported me in the motor racing community. I also want to apologise to all the marshals and MSA officials at Silverstone this weekend.

“I have been a fool and I intend to learn the important lessons I need to from this weekend.”

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  • Alan Deans

    Well done the msa, his antics could have killed marshals. Would have liked to have seen a large fine for his tantrum at the end when he jumped the fence out of parc ferme. I hope this sends a clear message to drivers that yellow flags are out for a reason

  • Scott Thorne

    Not surprised at all

  • Matt Zeus Cater

    Makes Maldonado seem sane

  • Phil Lupton

    talented, but foolish young man. hope he learns something

  • Paul Clark

    The headline: “after his incident with Ricky Collard” almost neutralises Ticktum’s blame. One could almost wonder why he’s been banned for two years.
    That said a couple of points.
    1. The MSA have sent out a clear message. We shouldn’t be congratulating them on taking what is clearly a sound decision but in a time when influence is all, I tip my hat to them
    2. I feel sorry for Dan Ticktum. A young man who has yet to reach the age of majority. I would hope and expect the MSA have extended advice and/or help with Dan’s mindset.

  • Chris Salt

    Wasn’t Parc ferme it was only the pit lane and the gate wasn’t locked either!

  • Sean Gaffney

    Sorry but I have seen people do things way more dangerous and stupid than this and have no penalty what so ever! Seems a little over the top

  • Jason Simms

    Just need to get heavy with karting which is where the bad habits start!

  • Paul Clark

    The article in the link leaves out the most startling and dangerous action taken by Ticktum. It will have been mentioned in court. Indeed, the onboard from Herta’s camera will have been viewed.
    Autosport have included this: “Red Bull-backed Ticktum overtook 10 competitors under safety car conditions to catch and crash into MSA Formula championship rival Ricky Collard”
    I’m trying to get in touch with the author, Connor, as he may well be unaware.

  • James Leggett

    You know what he did, right?!?

  • Paul Clark

    Yes, James. I’ve read the quotes from the MSA and I’ve heard descriptions from those there and seen footage.
    Why do you ask?

  • Nick Wilson

    Yup, I think that it appears he crashed into his championship rival after passing 10 cars under more flags than a Royal Wedding parade, was the real deal breaker for the ban. The first year he’ll serve but it seems Y2 will be suspended on the basis that he keeps his nose clean, so he should only be off the grid for 12 months. That’s how i read it.

  • Jack Lang

    Jack Bartholomew do u know someone who should get a 2 year ban haha

  • Ade Wise

    I take it he’s had a bit of a TICKing off then ?

  • Scott Walker

    So he should. Least it will save daddy money. Spoiled brat !!!

  • NeilWayneSmith

    Paul, I fail to appreciate why you feel sympathy because of his age etc. As a marshal who’s had to run like f*** because of drivers treating yellow flags as a temporary inconvenience, I believe that ignoring this many simply HAD to be stamped on pour encourager les autres. Ditto the intent of passing other cars under SC rules to catch upto his rival with obvious intent and unfortunate results. The age of the driver is irrelevant, if you’re in a car, you have to obey the rules. If you aren’t emotionally stable enough, come back when/if you are. Motorsport is riddled at all levels with drivers who treat flag signals as decoration with potentially dangerous results, as here, to fatal results as with Jules Bianchi. The younger levels of motorsport also have the added menace of hormonally rampant pre- and mid-pubescent children seeking to assert their place in the world. It’s a breeding ground for catastrophe and, if a driver is this unstable then he must be removed. By all means, work with him – Anger Management, therapy, or just wait until he grows up….. but work with him OFF the track.

  • Andrew Gray

    He was warned about his driving throughout the season with the points he had gained on his license before he was getting an automatic year ban

  • Paul Clark

    My understanding from the stewards is that the points gained him the ban for a few months only. Not the year.

  • Dan Blake

    Behind the wheel of a racing car is a very dangerous place to lose your temper as I have said on the issue before. It wasn’t a split second decision as he had to pass a lot of cars to get to Collard. Drivers, marshals,officials, spectators were all potentially put at risk as a result of his actions. Those are not the actions of someone who is of a sound mind, he wasn’t thinking straight at those moments and must of had time to consider what he was about to do before doing it and still thought it was the solution. If he can sort his issues out off the track and can prove they behind him he should be allowed back but any repeat what so ever and they should really really go down hard. Some will say this was too lenient even. One thing is for sure though he won’t find it easy on his return as other drivers will know what he has done and won’t have forgotten that is for sure. A second chance is fair any other chances I would be skeptical of to be honest. This isn’t the computer people potentially put their lives on the line as it is already without an added risk to it.

  • Jason Jones

    “The report found that Ticktum ignored 13 yellow flags, four double-yellow flags, two white flags and 15 safety-car boards to overtake 10 cars and catch back up to his rival during the safety-car period.” For this totally irresponsible behaviour I think a two year ban is not overly-harsh at all. Perhaps it should be a bigger penalty. Other comments suggest he then deliberately crashed into his rival. If true, this would suggest an even stronger penalty may be necessary. The kid was in cadets only four years ago. Maybe he’s still not mature enough to hold a licence (a.k.a. hold other people’s lives in his hands).

  • Andrew Gray

    He was given points at knockhill as well so totaled up to 12 which is a ban until first points come off which would be June 2016

  • Paul Clark

    Apologies Andrew. Thought you meant the whole 2016 season.

  • Andrew Gray

    Dan was a liability
    The amount of times speeding in pitlane sometime doing that by coasting in so can’t hear him coming

  • Paul Clark

    I’ve read again the Autosport piece:
    1, The 16-year-old may not hold a UK or international competition licence until the end of the ban, the second year of which is suspended for 12 months “on the condition there are no further offences”.
    2. The ban is effective from September 27 2015, with the first 12 months beginning immediately and absorbing the three-month ban issued by the Silverstone stewards.
    [So that’s racing again in 10 months and 4 days]
    3.Championship stewards excluded Ticktum from the Silverstone meeting, taking the Fortec driver to 12 penalty points and an automatic three-month ban after also committing a six-point offence at Croft earlier in the season.
    [Does this mean, Andrew, that the rules have changed? ie now automatic 3 month ban]

  • Paul Clark

    The second year is suspended. The ban ends in just over ten months.

  • Connor Jackson

    Hey Paul, thanks for pointing out the 10 competitors, I had decided to not put it in at first, instead saying; “to catch back up to his rival.” But we’ve since updated it at your request.

  • Paul Clark

    The ban ends on 28 Sept. 2016, ten months away.

  • Andrew Gray

    Without looking in Msa hand book I can’t say
    We was told along with the other teams at silverstone that with his other points made him banned until the first points cam off

  • Paul Clark

    Connor Jackson
    Thanks Connor. I’d been looking for your contact details as I always prefer to speak first before posting.
    Perhaps you’d direct me to where I can find them?

  • Dave Empringham

    Happened right in front of us could’nt believe he done it at the time,bet he regrets it now the chump!!!

  • Jason Jones

    Well said, couldn’t agree more.

  • Jason Jones

    One year ban plus one year suspended ban seems lenient.

  • Connor Jackson

    Sure, sent you a personal message about it

  • Jake Ford

    Morgan Jones if your gonna get banned do it with style lol

  • Ryan Walsh

    Hahahahahaha too joke

  • Geoff Woodward

    Nowhere near as harsh as the penalty handed to Rod Birley when he was a young hothead in Production Saloons!

  • Nikki Turner

    There have been worser incidents in races,we all make mistakes and he’s paying for his now.

  • Leyton J Clarke

    Good to know I won’t have to be racing against him.

  • Kerry Empringham

    So he should!!

  • Dave Easton

    We’ve seen another incident like this in karting mark !!!

  • Mark Baines

    Yep my thoughts exactly

  • Wendy Cleasby

    At 16 are you totally accountable ?? What happened to all the driver coaching experience he’s been given for years and surely the team he represented are just as accountable ?.. where was the learning and respect in that team ….Let’s not forget adults put him in that position with a lethal machine and we all know everyone on the track wants to win but at not at the cost of dangerous driving ….

  • Dave Easton

    His ban is up today !

  • Matra et Alpine

    Should be lifetime ban. EXTREMELY dangerous move.

  • Matt Jones

    What annoys me, the guy has had red bull backing, support from others in far less pay circumstances, and because he didn’t like someone risked the lives of others who lend their support free of charge ! Grow up Ticktum

  • Jack Bartholomew

    Shrek? Erin Grocott

  • Steve Gillespie

    Beat that for ignoring Ryan Gillespie lol

  • mcc_joel

    chris_burns79 im more intrigued as to what excuse he used for ignoring all the flags

  • chris_burns79

    mcc_joel I presume he said he was more drugged up than Charlie Sheen. Nuts though, he seemed to ignore 400 flags.

  • George Wright

    When you’re a bandit and full of rage

  • George Wright

    Ignoring double yellows, SC boards, white flags, yeah that’s a rookie error, fix up

  • George Wright

    Say bye bye to your red bull backing Daniel

  • Dan Blake

    Oh the irony, how many times have you been banned from IRacing for in principle the exact same thing George?

  • George Wright

    Dan very funny U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602 I’ve been a good boy and only been banned 4 times this year I think

  • DavidRGlover

    DaytonaDMAX ignored 13 yellow flags, 4 double-yellow flags, 2 white flags and 15 s/c boards overtaking 10 cars, before making contact. U0001f62e