Three Day Test For Hyundai’s New I20 R5 In France

Hyundai Motorsport’s Customer Project team have continued the testing of their new i20 R5  by putting it through its paces with a three day gravel test in France at Fontjoncouse in Southern France this week.

The team’s test and development driver Kevin Abbring put the car through it’s paces as they focused on developing the dampers and suspension of the i20 R5.

The Customer Project is led by Italian Andrea Adamo and consists of a team of 30 people, the homolgation process is expected to start in the summer.

“To have another successful test of the New Generation i20 R5 is a big step towards our planned homologation date in late summer.”, said Adamo.

“Going through a test on the demanding surface of Fontjoncouse is a huge positive as we continue to develop the car. i20 R5 is Hyundai Motorsport’s first project built for customers and it is important that the product we deliver is equally capable on every surface as they enter into the regional and national championships around the world.”

The i20 R5  is based on the WRC model that Hyundai Motorsport currently use in the World Rally Championship, it is also the first venture of the Hyundai Motorsport Customer Project team.