Parry quickest on the final day of Valencia test

As wet conditions greeted the GP3 Series drivers for the second and final day of the second pre-season test in Valencia, it was Koiranen GP‘s Matthew Parry who set the quickest time of the day with a 1m21.476s set in the morning session.

The afternoon session was topped by ART Grand Prix and Ferrari Driver Academy member Charles Leclerc, who lapped the track in 1m22.089s.

Conditions early on were difficult due to the high volume of spray from the cars as the grid ventured out onto the track with their wet Pirelli tyres.

ART Grand Prix’s Nirei Fukuzumi initially was the pace-setter, before being bettered by Campos Racing‘s Steijn Schothorst – as blue skies and sunshine started to make a welcomed appearance.

First to break the 1m30s barrier was Trident Motorsport‘s Giuliano Alesi, but as the track continued to cry out the times just got quicker and quicker with Parry recording a time of 1m23.549s on slick tyres.

Russian driver, Matevos Isaakyan broke into the 1m22s barrier, only for the session to be then brought to a halt when his team-mate Ralph Boschung stopped on track.

When the session was back underway, positions were swapped every few minutes with Trident Motorsport driver Antonio Fuoco and Leclerc being the firsts to lap in the 1m21s. Parry soon found some extra pace which took him to the top spot before Leclerc reclaimed the top spot once again.

In the closing ten minutes, Fukuzumi was once again in top by 0.004s to his team-mate – only to be beaten again by Parry who took the top spot by 0.064s.

As the one hour lunch break was signalled the top ten was: Parry, Fukuzumi, Leclerc, Alexander Albon, Artur Janosz, Nyck De Vries, Oscar Tunjo, Fuoco, Alex Palou and Jake Hughes.

There was not much action in the afternoon session, Fukuzumi led the way early on before once again being bested by Parry who leapt to the top. Leclerc ultimately found the pace to grab P1, whilst Hughes rose to second with half an hour remaining.

The day – and the test – ended with Leclerc remaining unchallenged ahead of: Hughes, Parry, Santino Ferrucci, Boschung, Kevin Jörg, Fukuzumi, Albon, Jake Dennis and Konstantin Tereshchenko.

The third and final pre-season test takes place at the Circuit de Catalunya on April 20-21 in Barcelona.

Valencia Pre-Season Test Morning Session

1Matthew ParryKoiranen GP1:21.476
2Nirei Fukuzumi ART Grand Prix1:21.560
3Charles LeclercART Grand Prix1:21.564
4Alexander AlbonART Grand Prix1:21.598
5Artur Janosz Trident1:21.673
6Nyck De VriesART Grand Prix1:21.697
7Oscar TunjoJenzer Motorsport1:21.796
8Antonio FuocoTrident1:21.820
9Alex Palou Campos Racing 1:21.989
10Jake HughesDAMS1:22.016
11Jack Aitken Arden International1:22.041
12Matevos IsaakyanKoiranen GP1:22.056
13Akash NandyJenzer Motorsport1:22.088
14Santino Ferrucci DAMS1:22.147
15Jake DennisArden International1:22.189
16Kevin J?rgDAMS1:22.203
17Giuliano AlesiTrident1:22.340
18Sandy StuvikTrident1:22.340
19Mahaveer RaghunathanKoiranen GP1:22.477
20Richard GondaJenzer Motorsport1:22.505
21Tatiana CalderonArden International1:22.531
22Steijn SchothorstCampos Racing 1:22.847
23Konstantin TereshchenkoCampos Racing 1:22.850
24Ralph Boschung Koiranen GP1:23.466

Valencia Pre-Season Test Afternoon Session

1Charles LeclercART Grand Prix1:22.089
2Jake HughesDAMS1:22.166
3Matthew Parry Koiranen GP1:22.195
4Santino FerrucciDAMS1:22.243
5Ralph BoschungKoiranen GP1:22.366
6Kevin J?rgDAMS1:22.433
7Nirei FukuzumiART Grand Prix1:22.500
8Alexander AlbonART Grand Prix1:22.509
9Jake DennisArden International 1:22.531
10Konstantin Tereshchenko Campos Racing 1:22.588
11Nyck De Vries ART Grand Prix1:22.621
12Artur Janosz Trident1:22.627
13Giuliano Alesi Trident1:22.686
14Steijn Schothorst Campos Racing 1:22.725
15Sandy StuvikTrident1:22.775
16Alex PalouCampos Racing 1:22.833
17Richard GondaJenzer Motorsport1:22.878
18Tatiana CalderonArden International 1:22.951
19Antonio FuocoTrident1:23.007
20Akash NandyJenzer Motorsport1:23.169
21Oscar TunjoJenzer Motorsport1:23.232
22Mahaveer RaghunathanKoiranen GP1:23.505
23Jack AitkenArden International 1:24.961
24Matevos IsaayanKoiranen GP1:25.078