Régis Gosselin To Debut in RX Lites at 2016 World RX Of Belgium

by Phil Kinch

In a joint RX Talent search that was similar to the one that took place last year in the UK, the RX Lites Cup, Mettet Motor and Royal Automobil Club of Belgium (RACB) joined forces to find a young Belgian driver to represent the country in the RX Lites Cup round that will be on the support bill for the 2016 World RX Of Belgium.

In an elimination process that saw over 175 drivers participate, before 20 candidates were selected to take part in a karting test in Francorchamps. From this selection, six drivers were able to show their skills at the wheel of a Ford Fiesta R2 and a jury of experts chose Régis Gosselin as the successful candidate.

Gosselin was overjoyed at being selected as the winning candidate, “I am very happy to have won this flying RX Lites Talent Search, supported by RACB. Rallycross is a discipline that combines adrenaline and show. These cars are made for this race format. RX Lites already has a 320 horsepower engine and it will be great to drive. 

“When we met in the last six, I had some fears because I know the experience of Gino Bux. So I took this last test as a new experience and I did not put pressure. I especially had a little experience in circuit and on gravel. We had five rounds to lead us and then five timed laps. At the exit of the car, Gino and my pilot friends told me that I had slammed a time!”

Gosselin is looking forward to getting to grips with the car in his first ever Rallycross event, “I am eager to discover the track of Mettet, with the alternation of soil and asphalt. I want to take full advantage of that May weekend. This is an exceptional opportunity to show what I’m capable of. ”

The 2016 RX Lites Cup kicks off at the 2016 World RX of Hockenheim on May 7/8.

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