DeFrancesco Continues Charge to Dominate Opening Encounter

Devlin DeFrancesco brought across his form from Thruxton to continue his winning ways at Oulton Park. The Canadian moves further up in the F4 British championship standings as he beat multiple race winner Petru Florescu by 1.634 seconds.

Off the line, DeFrancesco made a strong start, keeping the lead as the leader barrelled into the first corner. Having started fourth, Jamie Caroline made a blistering start, jumping immediately into third and challenging Florescu for second.

Caroline continued his attacks, as he applied the pressure to the former race winner. His blistering start had displaced Alex Quinn, who dropped down to fifth as a result. He quickly got fourth place back, but failed to break away from his Carlin tormentors.

The worse start came from the youngest driver on the grid. Despite managing to qualify in seventh, Ayrton Simmons failed to get away from grid and dropped to the back. He recovered a few positions but not enough to score any points.

At the front, DeFrancesco hurried off down the road as the early action saw Caroline pressure Florescu for second place. After a few laps under pressure, Florescu finally found his feet, setting the fastest lap and moving away.

A dire qualifying for Sennan Fielding had put him at a disadvantage, though he’ll be pleased to have moved up five places on lap 1, the blistering start saw him briefly hold ninth but lost a place to his team-mate Billy Monger a lap later. He was unable to improve and finished the race tenth.

As the race entered its later stages, it was clear that Florescu was on the move as he looked to close the gap to DeFrancesco. It didn’t work though as he the Canadian recorded his second victory in a row, shifting the balance of power within the Carlin camp.

Caroline, who was unable to mount a real challenge, settled for third, his equal best result of the season. The free space meant he was able to end the race with the fastest lap, a 1:23.293, as Quinn picked up fourth.

After a strong first half to the season, Max Fewtrell will have been disappointed to have only picked up fifth in front of James Pull. Both have come into the year with high expectations and will need to perform in the reverse grid race.

A further six seconds back sat Rafa Martins, who made little progress, as Zane Goddard who starts reverse pole, beat Monger and Fielding, who rounded out the top ten.