House Holds off Four Car Train to Win VW Cup Race 1

Phil House claimed his third VW Racing Cup win of the year as he closes the gap slightly on championship leader and second place driver; Bobby Thompson. House started on pole, putting in an emphatic defensive display in the closing laps.

House maintained his lead off the start, but there was disaster for joint championship leader Jack Walker-Tully as he failed to make it through the first lap. There was action up and down the field as the grid was clearly taking a few laps to settle into the wet conditions.

Some drivers were able to control their cars better than others as Kenan Dole ran wide tring to take a position at Luffield. He half spun but held onto the Golf and continued to partially drift the car during the race, proving his ability over the conditions.

House and Thompson, the top two, broke away from pack as third place Tom Witts fell behind holding up the VW’s behind. It was proving to be a strong race for Rob Allum as he took fifth, holding steady after a strong start.

Not all drivers were mastering the conditions though as Jamie Bond ran into the gravel for a second time, despite his various issues, he eventually finished ninth.

With 9 minutes to go Thompson got aggressive, looking up the inside at the end of the Wellington Straight as he knew a win the best way to maximise from Walker-Tully’s retirement. The tussle brought in Witts and Toby Davis with the latter setting the FL as they closed in.

Thompson made a proper attempt around the outside of Brooklands, but the leaders kept their distance, with House holding on around the outside of Luffields. He had the run back onto the pit straight, breaking away as Thompson failed to follow closely through the next complex.

The battle had brought Witts into play, but he was caught out by the conditions, cutting Becketts, but maintaining third to the dismay of Davis behind.

Thompson made another attempt at the final corner but was forced to settle for second as House came across the line to take victory. Behind them, Davis took the final podium place as Witts’ crucial error dropped him to fourth.

Behind them, Allum took fifth in his first VW race of the year while Dole recovered to take sixth after an incredible display of control.

“Treacherous. Absolutely treacherous.” said House about the weather. “Possibly one of the worst first couple of laps I have ever done – the standing water was just crazy. Bobby (Thompson) was hot on my heels, he definitely had the pace on me but he kept it a nice clean, fair race which is how it should be and at the end of the day we are both on the podium.”