Roldán Rodríguez announces BMW Team Teo Martin departure

Roldon Rodriguez - Credit: FOTOSPEEDY

After claiming two victories alongside Miguel Ramos during the first half of the 2016 International GT Open championship, Roldán Rodríguez announced on his official website and social media pages that he is no longer part of BMW Team Teo Martin.

“Today another chapter ends in my career and I have ceased to be a part of the team Teo Martin Motorsport.

“In the first place I want to thank the great opportunity that has afforded me Teo, which has made it possible for my dream to go back to feel the high competition and win in two of the three weekends disputed in a whole new category for me.

“I also want to make special mention to all the team that helped me get these victories, because without their excellent work, commitment and professionalism it would have been impossible.

“Finally, thank you to all family, friends, followers and fans.  All your messages and unconditional support, without you, all this work over the past few months there would be no point.”

Contesting the first three rounds of the  2016 International GT Open championship, his come-back season having not raced since competing in the GP2 Asian Series in 2009, Rodriguez currently holds third position in the championship points standings.