Florescu Excluded from Knockhill Weekend after Punch-up

Carlin driver Petru Florescu has been excluded for the remainder of the F4 British Championship weekend. The Romanian will also have his win from Knockhill‘s race one taken away, damaging his title hopes.

The decision comes after a crash between teammate Devlin DeFrancesco and himself. Both were battling to get past Jamie Caroline and came together on the start straight.

DeFrancesco had tried to get a run on Caroline out of the final corner but was forced to defend from his teammate. The Canadian edged Florescu to the edge of the track, determined to maintain the place having spent the whole race fighting for third. With nowhere left to go, Florescu locked wheels with DeFrancesco and the two spun into the barrier.

Frustrated at DeFrancesco for knocking him off and not leaving any room, Florescu stormed up to his teammate. Florescu shoved him as the two got violent. A marshal calmly stepped in and defused the situation as the two walked away.

The race was won by Luis Leeds, who helps his championship chances having been 48 points behind championship leader Florescu before the encounter. The Romanian had won yesterday’s race, but with his exclusion, hands the win to Alex Quinn.