Third Win for Witts Rescues Weak Weekend for Cup Contender

A third win of the season for Tom Witts saw him close up the gap to his rivals in the VW Racing Cup. After starting from reverse grid pole, the Maximum Motorsport driver held on despite pressure around the Snetterton circuit.

Witts had had a tough weekend, struggling home to seventh in race one. Fortunately for him, this gave him pole as the grid was released for race two.

Behind him, Paul Ivens made an excellent start, leaping up to second and piling the pressure on the leader before being forced back behind, Kenan Dole. Witts couldn’t break away, but with the regular front-runners further down the field it didn’t matter for the Golf driver.

Dennis Strandberg had been making progress, but lost a place to Rob Allum as the race settled in. Allum, now in fourth, was immediately on the back of Ivens, who wasn’t able to make the progress he was hoping for.

The battle for third turned out to be where the action was as Strandberg leaped into third as Ivens and Allum tussled. Before long, Allum was in the wars again, dropping down the order after an off.

A similar fate soon befell Toby Davis allowing championship leader Phil House up to fourth. Strandberg was now breaking away, but found himself held up by Dole in second. House set the fastest lap as it soon became a breakaway top five.

A dramatic change in the final few minutes gave Strandberg a 5 second penalty for not obeying track limits dropping him to fifth overall. The Swede was still in third on the track, but was unable to pull out the gap needed over House and Ivens.

Pulling away slightly on the final lap, Witts took his first win of the weekend to help his recover his championship chances. He had been pressured by Dole for the majority of the race, but it was a Golf one-two.

Strandberg crossed the line third on the road, but House took the final podium with Ivens and the Maximum Motorsport driver classed behind. Rounding out the top eight was the Team HARD Racing trio of Benjamin Wallace, Kieran Gordon and Simon Rudd, who started from the back of the grid.