DirtFish adds second car for Seattle

by Dominik Wilde

James Rimmer will make his Red Bull Global Rallycross début this weekend driving a second entry for DirtFish Motorsports in GRC Lites.

Rimmer, son of the DirtFish rally school founder Stephen Rimmer, has had experience of stage rally competition as well as seat time in Prodrive-built Subarus, the GRC Lites car, and other machinery at DirtFish. The British-born driver’s first Red Bull GRC outing follows DirtFish’s recent purchase Parker Chase‘ Lites car from PMG Rallysport.

“I’m extremely excited to be driving for DirtFish Motorsports- a professionally run team that knows how to win. I am really looking forward to driving and working alongside my team mate, Conner Martell and the rest of the DirtFish team,” said Rimmer. “With my experience in stage rally, this is a great opportunity to get into the GRC Lites car, as it will be a totally new experience for me. One of the main elements that rally doesn’t have is the wheel-to-wheel racing, and that is one of the most intriguing aspects of the sport of rallycross for me! With Seattle being our home event, I am even more excited to see a great turnout from the DirtFish fanbase at Evergreen Speedway!”

Rimmer will be racing alongside Conner Martell, who is excited at the prospect of having a team mate.

“Having James as a team mate will be a great addition to the Seattle race of the GRC,” said Martell. “He and I work together really well, and I think he is a great driver who has gained a lot of experience in stage rally. It will be nice to have another driver to talk to about the track, and with someone who has actually been out there. Hopefully we will bring home top finishes!”

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