Goddard Glides to Silverstone Success with Double Win

Credit: Jakob Ebrey Photography

Another almost unchallenged drive through the order saw Zane Goddard take his fourth win of the season at Silvertone. The F4 British Championship racer led a relatively quiet final race, compared to last year, as Sennan Fielding came away with the championship lead.

A good start for Luis Leeds allowed him to maintain first off the line. Max Fewtrell and Fielding went into the race with equal points, but it was a disastrous start for the Carlin driver.

Fewtrell lost a place to Billy Monger off the line and in attempting to get through, lost another place to Devlin DeFrancesco, putting him sixth. Back at the front, Leeds and Fielding battled wheel to wheel with the fast starting Goddard.

Goddard was not prepared to hold back though, after only two laps behind Fielding, he was past, challenging Leeds at the front. In what was a carbon copy of Knockhill, the Australians were away from the field as Goddard outbraked Leeds into Brooklands.

It was clear Monger was struggling during the race. He dropped behind DeFrancesco before losing a further two places to the Carlin’s of Fewtrell and James Pull.

As the laps counted down, Goddard held his lead, not giving his rivals the chance to close in. He crossed the line to take his second win of the weekend.

The podium was rounded out by Leeds and Fielding. With the two drivers both in contention for the championship, a strong result was vital for both drivers as Fielding goes into the final round as the points leader.

The battle for fourth went down to the wire as DeFrancesco bravely held off Fewtrell. With three laps to go, Pull had also caught them, but was forced to settle for sixth as the Carlin’s came across the stripe, as line of stern.

A rather unnoticed move saw Rafa Martins jump up to seventh on the penultimate lap as Monger dropped yet another position in what was a mixture of a weekend. The rookie win would go to Ayrton Simmons in ninth as Alex Quinn came up from last to round out the top ten.

In the standings, Fielding leaves the weekend with 308 points, while Fewtrell lies just 5 points behind. As for Leeds, he sits on 289 with DeFrancesco on 259. Behind them, Pull and Quinn are narrowly within contention on 248 and 240 points respectively.