Pic penalised for Canamasas Feature race crash

by Paul Hensby

Arthur Pic has been penalised for his part in the clash with Sergio Canamasas during Saturday’s Feature race at the Autodromo Nazionale Monza, and will drop three places on the grid for Sunday’s Sprint race.

With the Rapax driver set to start at the back anyway due to retiring from the race, Pic is set to start the race from the pit lane, with the incident causing the safety car period that had a big effect on the overall result of the race.

Pic had been attempting to pass Canamasas on the inside at the second of the two Lesmo corners but despite the Spaniard giving the Frenchman some room, the two touched, pitching the Carlin driver into a frightening-looking roll, and ending both their afternoons.

“Pic tried to overtake me too quickly,” said Canamasas afterwards. “I left him room for pass but he went into me and I pitched into a roll. I’m still sore after crash but it isn’t serious.

“My main concern is to find out if our chassis is damaged or not because it could kill my chances tomorrow as well. Carlin mechanics will work to repair the car on time.”

Pic was not the only driver to be punished after the race, with Jimmy Eriksson being handed a five-second time penalty for pushing Marvin Kirchhöfer off track at turn one, while Sean Gelael was disqualified altogether after ignoring a request from the stewards to take a ten-second stop and go penalty after being initially penalised for failing to slow for double yellow flags.

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