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Still work to do despite hat-trick – Scott Speed

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Scott Speed feels that his three race winning streak has come at the toughest rounds of the season so far, but thinks that the Volkswagen Andretti Rallycross team still has “a way to go”.

Rain disrupted events at MCAS New River and Washington DC while a spate of punctures occurred in Atlantic City after the track came apart throughout the weekend. But Speed defied what was thrown at him to take three wins, three poles, and the championship lead from team mate Tanner Foust.

“This track [in Atlantic City] in particular was super treacherous I would say because of all the ruts that developed and it’s really easy to take a corner off the car or to get a de-beaded tyre like Tanner did,” said Speed. “It was a very difficult race so to go through this race smoothly with a bunch of points and with the win is great. Actually the last three races have been dramatic so to make it through those are important because I think if we have a nice boring easy weekend, those should be the wins. I think we’re looking obviously very good.”

When asked if taking an easy win was more enjoyable than fighting against the field and the elements as he has had to this season, the former Formula One star insisted that his recent wins mean the most to him.

“For sure the best ones are the ones from DC and New River where, especially New River – we came, basically, from last to win in treacherous conditions in the rain, and again DC in the rain,” he said. “To be able to go out on a track that no one has seen before, ever, in the wet and still adapt quick and to pull of that win, those ones mean the most for sure but this one was also very tough. I mean, I definitely played a smart race and it paid off for us so this is a good one.”

Speed’s three race winning streak has seen him take a slender nine point championship lead going into the final rounds of the year, but despite the championship almost certainly going to Volkswagen again, the 2015 champion insists that VARX can still do better.

“I think that we have a way to go, to be honest. I think our cars could still be better,” Speed admitted. “I think the bottom line is Tanner and I do a better job than everybody else and we have a better team. We just do a better job than everybody on all fronts.”

“I think we still need to go to work on the cars and the cars can be better, and we’ll get them there,” he added. “But there’s no question that the Fords and the Hondas are superfast here and the competitiveness of the field has gone up a bunch and it’s made our job, for sure harder. I think the fact that we’ve won more this year, it’s just a matter of probability, I think we were just as strong, I think we were probably stronger last year to be honest. I think this year, especially the last couple of races.”

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