Streather Hoping To Get Back On Track After Testing Incident

Renault UK Clio Cup front-runner Paul Streather’s participation in this weekend’s action at Silverstone is in doubt following a massive accident during official testing today (16th September).

Streather aquaplaned off circuit in his Finesse Motorsport Clio at the high-speed Copse corner in tricky conditions, hitting the concrete wall on the outside at an estimated 80mph.

The impact caused extensive damage to his car (pictured) including a snapped roll cage, meaning there is no chance of it being repaired in time for the weekend’s two races.

It wasn’t just the car showing after-effects of the contact meanwhile, with Streather being taken immediately to the circuit’s medical centre for tests and observations.

With serious ankle pain after being hit by the broken roll cage, the 27 year old was later sent to a local hospital for an x-ray, with the conclusion fortunately being that it was just cuts and bruises.

Despite the pain, Streather hasn’t given up hopes of competing in Rounds 15 and 16 and has agreed a deal to hire a car from 20Ten Racing.

His participation is dependent upon whether he is signed off to compete by the on-site medical team, with the decision set to be made in the morning.

“The staff at the medical centre looked after me really well and fingers crossed they are happy with me tomorrow and I am able to race,” said Streather.

“Neil and the team at Finesse Motorsport are putting a set up onto the hired car tonight as well whilst I rest, so a huge thank you to them, and 20Ten for lending us a car.”