DTM adds ‘Tourenwagen Classics’ for Norisring and Nürburgring

by Vince Pettit
DTM-Start 1990 Nürburgring - Credit: DTM

DTM has announced that there will be two ‘Tourenwagen Classics’ events supporting the main series this year which will feature some of the shining stars of the last thirty plus years of the series.

Since 1984 Bernd Schneider, Volker Strycek, Hans-Joachim ‘Strietzel’ Stuck, Manuel Reuter, Klaus Ludwig, Johnny Cecotto and Frank Biela are all names closely associated with the series, and this year a number of those drivers will be making a come back at Norisring (30 June-2 July) and the Nürburgring (8-10 September).

“DTM always has been and still is state-of-the-art in touring-car racing,” stated DTM board member Florian Zitzlsperger. “At the same time we can look back on an impressive period in motor-racing history – and we want to jointly celebrate this history with the ‘Tourenwagen-Classics’, this year. 

“With the ‘Tourenwagen-Classics’ races in the support programme of the tradition-rich events at the Norisring and the Nürburgring we are building a bridge from the beginnings of the long and great DTM history to the present days of the series.”

DTM Start Norisring 1992 - Credit: DTM

DTM Start Norisring 1992 – Credit: DTM

“And we chose the two events wisely: on the Saturday of the Nuremberg race weekend DTM is going to contest its fortieth Norisring race and the Nürburgring is celebrating its ninetieth anniversary, this year.”

in addition to two events the classic machinery will be on show throughout the season in the DTM Fan Village alongside their modern-day counterparts.

42 drivers are set to take part during the 2017 season including Alexander Burgstaller, Christian Danner, Altfried Heger, Marc Hessel, Volker Schneider, Volker Strycek and Kurt Thiim.

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