Third Ginetta GT5 Challenge race at Oulton Park cancelled

by Joe Hudson

The third in a triple-header of Ginetta GT5 Challenge races at Oulton Park has been cancelled after incidents earlier races meant the race couldn’t be run without breaching the circuit’s strict 6.30pm curfew.

Incidents including a red flag in qualifying for the VW Racing Cup and the second VW Cup race, which saw one car go over the barriers at Druids, meant the timetable was running 30 minutes late.

With only enough time to run either the third race of the BRDC F3 Championship or the third race of the GT5 Challenge, the decision was made to cancel the Ginetta race in favour of F3.

The timetable was already tight after barrier damage from MINI CHALLENGE qualifying on Saturday saw Saturday’s F3 race pushed into Monday.

It isn’t known at the moment if or when the cancelled GT5 race will be added into the calendar for the rest of the season.

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