Linus Sundstrum secures wild card for Swedish FIM Speedway Grand Prix

Photo: FIM Speedway Grand Prix

The 2015 Monster Energy FIM Speedway Grand Prix winner, who also took silver in this year’s final in Leszno will make his fifth SGP appearance in Malilla on August 5th.

He was a wild card in last season’s Stockholm SGP, but unfortunately didn’t get a chance to shine in the spotlight. His last outing was as a track reserve at the 2014 Swedish SGP, which was also held in Malilla.

Twenty six year old Sundstrum will join the likes of Freddie Lindgren and Antonio Lindback, as he aims to make his mark on the world of SGP.

Kim Nilsson and Joel Kling are named as the two other track reserves for the Teng Tools Swedish SGP. Both men are Swedish internationals, with Kling a member of this season’s Dackarna squad.

Sundstrum will race at least five races during the event, whereas Nilsson and Kling will only take to the track if any of the sixteen riders fall ill, are injured or are disqualified for starting offences.