Bond and Witts Storm to Brands Hatch GP Success

by Connor Jackson

While no one driver dominated the Brands Hatch GP weekend in the VW Racing Cup, a win apiece from Jamie Bond and Tom Witts would be valuable to their stock as Witts extends his championship lead due a poor round from his main rival Phil House.

With another event taking place entirely on the Sunday, it was a good opportunity for many of the drivers to test the rarely used GP layout on the Saturday VAG Trophy, with Bond and Simon Walton picking up podiums as a result. Elsewhere, both Bobby Thompson and Kieran Gordon collected second places during the two races keeping their title charge in check.

Though, with a first and third (as well as pole position), Bond leaves Brands as the highest overall scorer, as Walton’s result helps his ‘Over-40’s Trophy’ cause. Finally, Paul Ivens dramatic crash was a testament to the cars strength coming away with minimal injuries.


Pole – Jaime Bond – Team HARD Racing

It would be Jamie Bond setting the early pace, but it wouldn’t be long before Bobby Thompson joined him in the battle for pole. Toby Davis’ crash brought out the safety car resulting in a final 3 minute dash.

Bond was on provisional pole, but dived into the pits early. This turned out to be a wise decision as although Thompson improved it was not by enough, keeping second as Keiran Gordon and ‘Over-40 Class’ driver Simon Walton in fourth. This meant that Kenan Dole got pushed down to fifth ahead of Tim Docker.

Surprise for the championship leaders though as Phil House and Tom Witts could only manage seventh and eighth.

Despite damage in race two, Kieran Gordon achieved two top four finishes around Brands Hatch (Credit: VW Racing Cup)

Race One

Winner – Jamie Bond – Team HARD Racing

It was a chaotic initial start from the field, with Tim Docker’s car spun by Phil House at Paddock Hill tipping his car straight into the oncoming Paul Ivens. Ivens would launch over the side of Docker and role twice, landing on his roof. Stephan Johansen was also collected and slid into the tyre barrier further up the hill. The race was immediately red flagged and the schedule was delayed slightly.

Polesitter Jamie Bond made a strong restart, with Bobby Thompson temporarily dropping to third behind Kieran Gordon. Thompson would regain the place but struggled to catch Bond before the conclusion, giving the #56 his first win of the year along with the fastest lap. It would be Thompson and Simon Walton on the podium.

Behind, Gordon had fallen to fourth by the race conclusion, unable to keep up with the front-runners. Meanwhile, the championship leader, Tom Witts finished fifth with Toby Davis on reverse grid pole in sixth after House was excluded for the turn one contact.

Race Two

Winner – Tom Witts – Maximum Motorsport

Polesitter Kenan Dole was quick off the line, leading the queue up towards Druids. His start was cleaner than his VAG Trophy tail-flick from the day before, remaining in control throughout the opening lap as Kieran Gordon ran a cleaner line to edge out Toby Davis.

Behind them, a storming start from Tom Witts allowed him to jump up to third, before banging wheels with Gordon and taking second. A queue soon formed behind leader Dole as Witts piled on the pressure. One car was quickly lost from the battle though as Davis’ door came loose along with various bits of bodywork, resulting in him pitting.

Witts would run around the outside of Sheene eventually taking the lead, though allowing Gordon, Jamie Bond and later Bobby Thompson to join the battle. A variety of cars occupied second to fifth as Witts only broke away in the final two laps.

A strong result for Tom Witts ensured he extends his championship lead with Gordon and Bond the two joining him on the podium. Dole and Thompson thus rounded out the top five with Darrelle Wilson best-of-the-rest in sixth.

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