Chris Atkinson Blog: Team Dynamics

by Dominik Wilde

It’s funny that we have one of the most diverse teams racing in the US, I think that’s a lot to do with the rally heritage of the brand and the team. We have engineers and technicians from the UK, Greece, France, and more, plus three of the four drivers are from countries outside the US. This international feel brings different ideas from all over the world and gives us access to experience from all forms of motorsport.

The awesome thing is that it’s like a big family. SRTUSA are a rally team that has gone into a circuit style sport, not the other way round. In rally, everyone helps everyone else out and most of the drivers get along, this is because you are racing the clock, not relying on other people determining your outcome.

Atkinson and Patrik Sandell are two of the international drivers in the SRT USA fold – Credit: Ben Haulenbeek/Subaru Rally Team USA

This year we have been focused on improving how we do everything, not just the speed of the car. We wanted to create the most effective and efficient structure that enables everyone to perform at their best. This is paying dividends and is showing in the on track results

But overall I think the best part about it is the brand and the passion that Subaru Fans and the team have. You don’t see any other rallycross team with the support Subaru has and we just want to give all those awesome people some wins to shout about…

Atkinson in action in Seattle – Credit: Ben Haulenbeek/Subaru Rally Team USA

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