Menzies vows to return to Dakar following spectacular accident

Credit: Marcelo Maragni/Red Bull Content Pool

Despite his huge 2018 Dakar rally ending accident, Bryce Menzies shows no signs of being put off competing in the legendary endurance rally.

After being forced to sit out the 2017 Dakar rally due to picking up an injury before the start, 2018 was looking promising as the rally got underway and he was on the pace straight away, finishing the day in fourth place.

Unfortunately, on the second day, Menzies hit a bump that threw the back of his Mini buggy into the air, resulting in a violent looking end-over-end accident.

While Menzies came out of the crash unscathed, co-driver Peter Mortensen suffered a broken ankle; this would put many people off wanting to compete, but Menzies thirst to compete at Dakar seems to be growing.

“My desire this last year has been huge. Getting over here and experiencing it, my desire is now even more,” said Menzies to Red Bull.

“We have a whole year before we can come back. We will go home and regroup, and have a whole year to plan and come back even stronger than we did this year.

“A lot of drivers came over and talked to me after the crash and it really helped me out a lot. You can’t take risks that will end your race early. You have to be at the end of the 14 stages and 16 days to win it. That is the biggest thing I will take away.”

Menzies was disappointed on a personal level but also felt like he had let down his home nation.

“It was heartbreaking because I am representing the USA too. Everybody has given me a lot of hope and told me to keep my head high, but it still hurts.

“We have to work harder, come back, finish the rally in 2019 and make everybody proud and happy. There has been no American who has ever won Dakar, and that is another goal of mine to be the first man to do that.

“I am committed and my passion is off road racing. For the next three to five years, our goal is to win it, I will try with every effort I can.”

With Menzies now having to wait another year to fulfil his Dakar dreams, he plans to build on his desert rally skills and plans to take on six events over the year, including the Silk Way Rally and the Rallye du Maroc.

He added, “I am getting more familiar with the two-wheel drive. It is so different to four-wheel. I feel comfortable in it, but I need to know the limits of it more.”