Scolari and Scorace Team to Debut in Northern European Cup

Sharon Scolari will race in the Northern European Cup in 2018
Credit: NEC Media

Sharon Scolari will make her Formula Renault 2.0 Northern European Cup debut in 2018 after the Swiss driver was announced to race for Scorace Team, an outfit that will also make the jump into the series this season.

Scolari, an experienced Lotus Cup Europe competitor, took nine victories in the Open class in 2017, and narrowly missed out on taking the title at the Le Mans finale, but now feels the time is right to make the jump into single-seaters and into Formula Renault.

“After nine seasons spent participating in a wide range of championships around Europe, I feel ready to make the jump into the Formula Renault category,” said Scolari.

“We looked at several championships but the NEC was the one we decided was the perfect fit for us. I’m keen to race in a championship where everyone uses the same machinery, on equal terms.

“I’m aware this season is largely going to be a learning curve for both myself and the team. However, I’m hopeful we’ll be able to get up to speed with the car quickly enough to be fighting for silverware by the second half of the season, at least!”

Scolari is looking forward to testing herself against drivers in the same machinery, with the twenty-three-year-old keen to see where she stands in a category where drivers make the difference.

“These cars have always fascinated me a lot and in this phase of my career, I’m keen to race something with equal performance, placing the emphasis on driver ability,” said Scolari. “I like that with these cars, the drivers are the ones who make the difference.

“Renault Sport is undoubtedly where my passion for motorsport started. I used to follow my father who raced a Renault Sport Spider at various circuits – I even drive the new Clio RS Trophy on the roads away from racing!

“This passion for the Renault Sport brand has done nothing but grow within me for years, particularly because of its presence on the motorsport ladder from Formula Renault right through to Formula 1.

“I like the opportunity for development the NEC affords and the continuity of that once a driver graduates to the Formula Renault Eurocup, underneath the same brand. We’re very fortunate as drivers to have this opportunity, and it’s very important.”