Marcello Lotti – “TCR UK will be a successful member of the TCR Family”

TCR Creator Marcello Lotti. Credit: WSC / TCR International

The Easter weekend saw the beginning of the newest TCR Series to join the growing worldwide TCR Family that started only four years ago: The TCR UK Series.

With the series having a positive start to its first race weekend, The Checkered Flag was granted the chance to speak with the man behind the TCR Concept, Marcello Lotti.

The TCR UK Series had a successful test day back in November last year. Credit: BRSCC / TCR UK

The TCR UK Series is the newest addition to the TCR Family. What was the thinking behind opening a series up in the UK?

“When we decided to start with the TCR Concept, I considered the fact that the UK, Germany, Scandinavia and Italy all have a long Motorsport history that has always included a healthy Touring Car Series that have been active for many years. These are the countries where I wanted a TCR Series to succeed,” explained Lotti.

The ADAC TCR Germany Series is one of the biggest domestic TCR Series in the world. Credit: ADAC Motorsport

“It was always part of the strategy to have a series in the UK, however the reason we delayed the decision to start this series until now was due to the high demand and popularity of the BTCC.”

“We decided to wait until the fans around the world fully understood what the TCR concept was before launching a brand new series in the UK.”

Lotti has seen the TCR Family grow rapidly around the world in the last four years…with more growth to come. Credit: WSC / TCR International

Since the announcement of TCR UK, Social Media has been ablaze with whether the series is either a Rival or a Compliment to the BTCC. What insight can you offer on this subject?

“From my point of view, its important to realise that TCR UK is not in competition with the BTCC,” Lotti clarified.

“TCR UK offers the chance for drivers and teams to buy older TCR cars to begin with to race here in the UK on a cheaper budget and also the chance to race in other TCR Series with the same car.”

“The reason why we held off starting a UK Series until now was to give the UK fans a chance to see what TCR is from the start but also to compliment the very successful BTCC as a feeder series. It will grow to be a success in the TCR Family.”

Lotti has confirmed that there will be several new TCR Series starting in the next few years including Australia. Credit: SMP Racing

The TCR Concept is now in its fourth year of competition and has seen a large rise of both Domestic and International championships rise up around the world. Where do you see TCR going in the next five years?

We’ve had a lot of requests for TCR Series to begin in other countries with the next being the TCR Australia Series next year,” said Lotti.

WTCR has opened up the chance for drivers from around the world to enter as Wildcard entries in their home events. Credit: DPPI

“With the regulations frozen this offers the chance for Customer teams to purchase cars and to be competitive wherever they race. We also have the new E-TCR concept that has been announced.”

“We have had a lot of enquiries from countries who  want to have a new Domestic TCR Series and there will be quite a lot of new series starting around the world in the next few years. But keeping the series Customer based is the heart of what has made TCR so popular around the world and this is our vision for the next few years.”