Opel & Peugeot gain weight in latest BOP update

by James Bowers

The TCR Technical Committee have announced the latest string of updates to the Balance of Performance (BOP) system, as their battle to equalise the pace of all TCR cars continues. The changes are to be adhered to with immediate effect, across all of the TCR championships around the world.

In the early stages of the season, BOP measures were a key talking point due to the sheer dominance of the Hyundai i30N TCR. However, as the season has gone on, the playing field has levelled out rather considerably.

In the mid stages of the 2018 World Touring Car Cup (WTCR) season, the rise of Peugeot and Cupra up the standings is a marker of the progress that has been made. But now, some of the early beneficiaries of BOP changes are beginning to become victims.

Due to a positive spike in results, the Peugeot 308TCR has been handed a weight increase of 20kg. Likewise, the Opel Astra TCR (which Harald Proczyk is using to good effect in TCR Germany) has received a 10kg weight adjustment.

Elsewhere, the Lada Vesta TCR – which primarily competes in TCR Russia – will now be permitted to run 20kg lighter. Comparatively though, the Lada will remain the heaviest of the three cars mentioned in the amendments so far.

Boost levels were a topic of controversy at the Slovakiaring round of this year’s WTCR campaign. During the event, Hyundai were found guilty of running with an illegal amount of boost, while Honda successfully appealed the same accusations pointed at them.

In an attempt to settle the argument, the TCR Technical Committee has now released a new set of boost regulations for all makes and model of homologated TCR race car.

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