Hyundai announce new Veloster N TCR model, plus ETCR participation

by James Bowers

Hyundai have announced that, not only will they be expanding their TCR product range, but they will also be taking part in the electric ETCR series in 2020.

Due to the i30N road car not being available in all global markets, Hyundai have chosen to offer race teams from these areas an alternative model to go racing with in domestic competitions. As such, the South Korean marque will create TCR race cars based on the Veloster N, in addition to the pre-existing and highly-successful i30N TCR.

The move appears to have been a popular one for teams in these regions, with US-based Bryan Herta Autosport already having confirmed that they will switch from the i30N TCR to Veloster N TCR for the 2019 IMSA Michelin Pilot Challenge. Plus, although priority will be given to teams from countries where the i30N road car is not sold, the Veloster N TCR will be available for any team around the world to purchase.

In addition, Hyundai have also confirmed that they will gladly take part in the new ETCR Series in 2020, with electrified variants of the Veloster N TCR. In doing so, they become the second car brand to commit to the new multi-marque electric touring car championship, following Cupra’s previous declarations of intent. 

Speaking to, Albert Biermann (boss of the Hyundai N Division) said: “We are fully supporting ETCR. We will build the car soon. We will try to support the promotion activities next year.”

“When we [Hyundai] go into ETCR, we want to promote the competence of our EVs. Right now we’re launching the EVs that are the most affordable with the biggest electric driving range. To demonstrate this on the track, that’s also a good thing to do.”

“Sooner or later we will have Hyundai N cars with electrification. If this is just a mild hybrid, hybrid or plug-in hybrid or maybe later a full EV, that is a matter of timing. But you can make sure Hyundai N will also make sure when the combustion engine has to be restricted more and more, the fun-to-drive Hyundai N will not die.”

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