Ferrari 488 GT3 introduced to Assetto Corsa Competizione Early Access

by James Eagles
Ferrari 488 GT3 - Assetto Corsa Competizione

In the fourth release of the Early Access version of Assetto Corsa Competizione, Kunos Simulazioni have added the Ferrari 488 GT3 to a growing lineup.

The official title of the Blancpain GT Series is now over halfway through its timeline as an Early Access product, with two more updates to come over the course of the next two months before its full release in the first quarter of 2019.

After a 33% price increase to £29.99 last month, courtesy of the addition of a basic Multiplayer mode and the ability for drivers to conduct a three or six hour endurance race between the three existing cars, update four of Early Access stays at the same mark.

Alongside the 488 GT3, the technically challenging Hungaroring has been added to the track roster, joining the Nürburgring, Misano World Circuit and the Circuit Paul Ricard.

The Budapest-based facility makes its first official appearance in the Assetto Corsa franchise, with only third-party modifications available for the base simulation. The track has been recreated to great detail for ACC using Laserscan technology.

Ferrari and Kunos hold a partnership dating back to 2010 with Ferrari Virtual Academy. Three DLC packs are available for Assetto Corsa, featuring cars from different eras of open-wheel and sportscar racing – as well as high-performance road cars.

Ferrari 488 GT3 - Assetto Corsa Competizione

Credit: Kunos Simulazioni

Alongside the new content, Kunos have made efforts to “enhance the level of realism” in version 0.4; with gameplay additions to custom, sprint and Endurance races. After the advent of Multiplayer functionality in the last update, players around the world will now be able to compete in a full race weekend – as opposed to Free Practice sessions only – as the Italian developers refine the Multiplayer experience prior to full release.

One of Assetto Corsa’s most popular features, Broadcast Mode, has also been brought into ACC. Steam registered players now have the ability to stream sessions on the internet, with the ability to change camera angles and focus, helping to create a functioning broadcast.

The update is now available to download on Steam for existing ACC Early version holders and passes can be bought to obtain all the content released so far.


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