Rookie Roman Bilinski Takes Pole in wet qualifying at Donington Park

by Charlotte Hardy

It was a wet track for the Ginetta Junior Championship when the twenty-five car line-up took to the track to qualify for the coming rounds at Donington Park.

Despite the difficult conditions, rookie racer Romain Bilinski took pole position for In2Racing with a time of 1:34.749, more than a second clear of second placed Zak O’Sullivan of Douglas Motorsport, while a further half a second down was Lorcan Hanafin in third, also for Douglas Motorsport.

James Hedley had been third up until the closing moments of the session, but the Elite Motorsport racer found himself outpaced by Hanafin by just over two-tenths of a second, while James Taylor of Richardson Racing completed the top five.

Theo Edgerton was sixth for TCR ahead of Harry Dyson of Premiership Academy, while Daniel Gale (TCR), Will Martin (Richardson Racing) and Gus Burton (Douglas Motorsport) completed the top ten.

Bilinski will also start race three from pole position after his second fastest time – 1:34.913 – was almost a second faster than O’Sullivan’s second best time, while Taylor will move up to third ahead of Dyson and Hedley.

Martin will start sixth ahead of Hanafin and Edgerton, with Burton and Casper Stevenson (Richardson Racing) completes the top ten.

Only a few laps into the fifteen minute qualifying Edgerton got his lap time disallowed due to exceeding track limits. However, he was not the only one, throughout the duration of the session Bilinski, Hanafin, Hedley, Taylor, Joel Pearson, Josh Rattican, Ethan Brooks and Frankie Taylor all got one lap time disallowed for exceeding track limits . Ben O’Hare and Charlie McLeod got two lap times disallowed, while Gale managed to have three laps deleted, all for exceeding track limits. 

Classification for qualifying looks like: 

Position Driver Team Time
1Roman Bilinski (R)In2Racing 1:34.749
2Zak O’Sullivan (R)Douglas Motorsport 1:35.780
3Lorcan Hanafin Douglas Motorsport 1:36.289
4James Hedley Elite Motorsport 1:36.523
5James Taylor Richardson Racing 1:36.549
6Theo Edgerton (R)TCR 1:36.574
7Harry Dyson Premiership Academy 1:36.702
8Daniel Gale (R)TCR1:36.814
9Will Martin Richardson Racing 1:36.918
10Gus Burton Douglas Motorsport 1:37.264
11Ben O’Hare Premiership Academy 1:37.338
12Casper Stevenson (R)Richardson Racing 1:37.415
13Tom Emson Elite Motorsport 1:37.617
14Joel Pearson (R)Elite Motorsport 1:37.652
15Frankie Taylor (R)SVG Motorsport 1:37.719
16Josh Rattican (R)R-Racing/In2Racing 1:38.031
17Bailey Voisin (R)Douglas Motorsport 1:38.526
18Ben Kasperczak (R) In2Racing 1:38.687
19Ethan Hawkey TCR 1:38.782
20Ethan Brooks (R)TCR 1:35.997
21Charlie McLeod (R)Premiership Academy 1:40.255
22Haytham Qarajouli (R)TCR 1:40.603
23Will Rochford (R)TCR 1:43.445
24Freddie Tomlinson (R)Douglas Motorsport 1:43.838
25Molly Dodd (R)Premiership Academy 1:46.444

The grid for round three looks like: 

Position Driver
1Roman Bilinski (R)
2Zak O’Sullivan (R)
3Lorcan Hanafin
4James Hedley
5James Taylor
6Harry Dyson
7Daniel Gale (R)
8Will Martin
9Gus Burton
10Ben O’Hare
11Theo Edgerton (R)
12Casper Stevenson (R)
13Tom Emson
14Joel Pearson (R)
15Frankie Taylor (R)
16Josh Rattican (R)
17Bailey Voisin (R)
18Ben Kasperczak (R)
19Ethan Hawkey
20Ethan Brooks (R)
21Charlie McLeod (R)
22Haytham Qarajouli (R)
23Will Rochford (R)
24Freddie Tomlinson (R)
55Molly Dodd (R)

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