PREVIEW: 2019 Ginetta Junior Championship set to race North-East track of Croft

by Charlotte Hardy

It’s nearly time for the Ginetta Juniors to head up north, for rounds eight and nine of the championship as it takes on Croft Circuit on the 15/16 of June.

At Thruxton Will Martin took a victory by over a staggering six seconds in race one followed by Zak O’Sullivan, who will be one to watch. Third in race one was Ethan Hawkey. In race two James Hedley was back on top form, O’Sulivan proved his consistency and came in second again. Richardson Racings Casper Stevenson took his first overall podium position of third.

Thruxton Elite Motorsports’ James Hedley sits at the top of the points table with 220 points. Behind him is top rookie and second place holder Zak O’Sullivan with 177 points. Completing the top three on the points table is Richardson Racings James Taylor

The Championship Standings currently look like this: 

Place Name Team Points  
Thruxton Race One Thruxton Race TwoChampionship Total
1 James Hedley Elite Motorsport 2435220
2Zak O’Sullivan (R)Douglas Motorsport 3031177
3James Taylor Richardson Racing 69134
4Gus Burton Douglas Motorsport 2020120
5Lorcan Hanafin Douglas Motorsport 185115
6Tom Emson Elite Motorsport1616104
7Theo Edgerton (R) TCR712102
8Will Martin Richardson Racing 35091
9Josh Rattican (R)R-Racing With In2Racing 141490
10Ethan Hawkey TCR262288
11Casper Stevenson (R)Richardson Racing 112682
12Harry Dyson Premiership Academy Racing 121060
13Joel Pearson (R)Elite Motorsport 101157
14Frankie Taylor (R)SVG Racing 9241
15Daniel Gale (R)TCR5737
16Roman Bilinski (R)Alastair Rushforth Motorsport 81833
17Ben O’Hare Premiership Academy Racing3332
18Haytham Qarajouli (R)TCR1830
19Charlie McLeod (R)Premiership Academy Racing 048
20Freddie Tomlinson (R)Douglas Motorsport 0624
21Will Rochford (R)TCR4020
22Bailey Voisin (R)Douglas Motorsport 2120
23Ben Kasperczak (R) BK Racing 0016
24Molly Dodd (R)Premiership Academy Racing 0011
25Ethan Brooks (R)TCR003

The rookie top three is O’Sullivan, Douglas Motorsport leading followed by TCRs Theo Edgerton. Third is taken by Josh Rattican, R-Racing with In2Racing.

Ethan Brooks sits last on the table having missed Thruxton due to GCSEs taking priority and because so far this season he has not had the best of luck.

Molly Dodd, Premiership Academy Racing, failed to pick up any points at Thrutxon and has not had a brilliant start to the season. Teammates Charlie McLeod, Ben O’Hare and Harry Dyson are spread throughout the pack ranging from twelfth to fourteenth.

Roman Bilinski left In2Racing ahead of Thruxton to run with Alastair Rushforth Motorsport. Similarly, Ben Kasperczak is no longer being housed with In2 but now with BK Racing.

Many of the Juniors have been testing ahead of Croft, with every race they are getting more and more experienced. In the Ginetta Junior Championship gaining experience in a very competitive grid is and publicity is a key takeaway for the youngsters.

The North Yorkshire circuit has just been resurfaced and is faster than ever, this is a Ginetta Junior Round you do not want to miss!

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