PREVIEW: 2019 Ginetta Junior Championship – Oulton Park

by Charlotte Hardy

The Ginetta Junior championship fires back in to action this weekend at Oulton Park after a shortened weekend for competitors at Croft which saw round nine of the championship cancelled and set to be rescheduled at a future race.

At Croft Will Martin and Richardson Racing, took the top step of the podium with his second victory of the season so far. Championship leader James Hedley was the man to beat; he went on to take second despite having dropped down to fourth at one point in the race. This was Hedleys seventh podium finish out of eight this year. Rookie Casper Stevenson rounded out the top three with third overall and the up of the rookie podium. 

The rookie podium was finished by TCRs Theo Edgerton and Douglas Motorsports Zak O’Sullivan. O’Sullivan is Hedleys biggest rival currently, in the championship being sixty one points behind him; the rivalry is producing some top notch racing. 

Ben Kasperczak has not had an easy start to the season but things are starting to look him. Kasperczak took his best finish of tenth at Croft; which is made even more impressive due to the fact he started on the grid in nineteenth. Lorcan Hanafin had a disappointing qualifying position of twenty-fifth but climbed his was back through the grid to take an impressive thirteenth place finish. 

For Croft there was a new comer of Tom Ward, Elite Motorsport, who will remain in the championship for the rest of the season. Unfortunately Ward was one of many not to complete the race. The other unlucky drivers were Josh Rattican, Harry Dyson, Daniel Gale and Ben o’Hare. 

The Championship Standings so far look like this: 

Place Name Team Points  
Round One Total from all races
1 James Hedley Elite Motorsport 32252
2Zak O’Sullivan (R)Douglas Motorsport 14191
3James Taylor Richardson Racing 22156
4Gus Burton Douglas Motorsport 20140
5Will Martin Richardson Racing 35126
6Lorcan Hanafin Douglas Motorsport 8123
7Theo Edgerton (R) TCR18114
8Casper Stevenson (R)Richardson Racing 26108
9Tom Emson Elite Motorsport2106
10Ethan Hawkey TCR16104
11Josh Rattican (R)R-Racing With In2Racing 090
12Harry Dyson Premiership Academy Racing 060
13Joel Pearson (R)Elite Motorsport 360
14Frankie Taylor (R)SVG Racing 742
15Daniel Gale (R)TCR037
16Freddie Tomlinson (R)Douglas Motorsport 1034
17Ben O’Hare Premiership Academy Racing032
18Haytham Qarajouli (R)TCR630
19Bailey Voisin (R)Douglas Motorsport 929
20Charlie McLeod (R)Premiership Academy Racing 028
21Ben Kasperczak (R) Privateer (BK Racing)1127
22Will Rochford (R)TCR525
23Roman Bilinski (R)Alastair Rushforth Motorsport 119
24Molly Dodd (R)Premiership Academy Racing 415
25Ethan Brooks (R)TCR129
26Tom Ward (R)Elite Motorsport 00

Croft produced some high class racing, which is only going to get better as the young drivers get more experience. Oulton Park marks the half way point in the season. All of the drivers are set to race in two races over the course of the weekend. 

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