Will Martin Claims Victory in round ten of the 2019 Ginetta Junior Championship

by Charlotte Hardy

The youngsters of the 2019 Ginetta Junior Championship took to Oulton Park Island Circuit for round ten with Tom Ward, Charlie McLeod and Harry Dyson absent from the weekends racing. 

It was Will Martin who took pole in qualifying followed by James Hedley, Lorcan Hanafin and rookie Casper Stevenson

Seventeen out of the twenty-three drivers racing all had at least one lap time disallowed due to exceeding track limits in qualifying. The unofficial competition winner for most lap times disallowed is Daniel Gale; with a staggering five lap times disallowed.

Martin took pole on the grid followed by Hedley, Hanafin and Stevenson ahead of the eight lap race. 

Going into the first corner Martin led the pack followed by Hedley; Hanafin was in third place but being pushed by top rookie Stevenson.

Not even a lap into the race James Taylor and Ben Kasperczak had contact, with both drivers going off onto the grass. Kasperczak continued with the race but unfortunately Taylor was forced to bring his race into early retirement, most likely due to suspension damage. 

The big battle for the race was for third and fourth between Hanafin in third and Stevenson in fourth. Hanafin was in front as they pull off the start/finish straight. However further into the race Hanafin goes wide allowing Stevenson to slip in front, which much to Hanafins dismay is where Stevenson was to stay.

Martin stayed out at the front, untouched for the majority of the race. At the outside of cascades on the last lap Hedley made a last-ditch attempt to overtake the leader, but it was just not meant to be. With some clean and professional racing Martin shut the door on Hedley. 

Martin took a well deserved victory, followed by Hedley in second. Top rookie Stevenson takes third overall and first on the rookie podium.

Josh Rattican was second in the rookie class followed by Roman Bilinski. Bilinksi had a ten place penalty from round eight which placed him in thirteenth on the stating grid; so a rookie podium place and eighth overall was a good result for the youngster.  

Gus Burton finished in last due to a spin on lap two. Kasperczaks earlier incident was a hindrance to him as he finished the race in twenty first a place above Burton. Ben O’Hare received a ten second penalty for a false start putting him in eighteenth. 

The fastest lap was set by Ethan Hawkey, who came in fifth with a time of 1:45.507. 

Classification for round ten of the Ginetta Junior Championship: 

Position Driver Team Laps Time
1Will Martin Richardson Racing 8 14:14.426
2James Hedley Elite Motorsport 814:14.869
3Casper Stevenson (R) Richardson Racing 814:15.061
4Lorcan Hanafin Douglas Motorsport 814:15.355
5Ethan Hawkey TCR 814:16.006
6Josh Rattican (R) R-Racing/ In2Racing 814:27.475
7Tom Emerson Elite Motorsport 814:31.262
8Roman Bilinski (R)Alastair Rushforth Motorsport 814:32.935
9Joel Pearson (R)Elite Motorsport 814:33.081
10Daniel Gale (R)TCR814:33.593
11Zak O.Sullivan (R)Douglas Motorsport 814:34.187
12Freddie Tomlinson (R)Douglas Motorsport 814:34.568
13Ethan Brooks (R)TCR814:35.831
14Bailey Voisin (R)Douglas Motorsport 814:36.000
15Theo Edgerton (R)TCR814:40.379
16Haytham Qarajouli (R)TCR814:40.958
17Will Rochford (R)TCR814:47.033
18Ben O’Hare Premiership Academy 814:27.227
19Frankie Taylor (R)SVG Motorsport 814:49.503
20Molly Dodd (R)Premiership Academy 814:55.598
21Ben Kasperczak (R)Privateer 814:58.825
22Gus Burton (R)Douglas Motorsport 815;53.181
DNFJames Taylor Richardson Racing 0

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