Milestone announce Ride 4

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Credit: Milestone

Milestone has unveiled today that there will be a sequel to the franchise dedicated to all the motorbike enthusiasts, Ride 4. Coming off of a strong outing in Ride 3 and the recently released MotoGP 20, the developers have added made big improvements and new modes to the series which will allow players to pick their dream bike and thrash it around a track to their hearts content.

Credit: Milestone

Headline features include a new Endurance mode, ground up construction of the bikes, a revamped career mode, dynamic weather, tire and fuel management as well as pit stops. The Endurance mode will be the place that makes the most of the dynamic weather and bike management as you will be fighting it out against competitors in longer races and having to plan your pit stops according to you tires and fuel as well as if there is rain coming in.

The Career mode lets players control their progression as they start from local leagues and work their way to the international races. This sounds like the ‘checkbox tier’ style has been ditched in favour of something more fluid and engaging. Players will also be able to customise their bike and apparel to make themselves truly stand out.

The A.N.N.A neural AI from the MotoGP games returns and aims to create a challenge for the riders giving their competitors a difficulty that pushes the player with speed and better decision making.

If you don’t fancy racing against the computer, Milestone has now included dedicated servers that will smooth the online experience letting the players focus on the racing and not whether they have lagging opponents.

Credit: Milestone

Milestone have also partnered up with Yamaha and Bridgestone in creating this game, hoping to deliver an amazing experience to lovers of everything two-wheeled including unique activities and competitions on the game.

Ride 4 releases on Xbox One, Playstation 4 and Windows PC/Steam on 8 October 2020

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