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Eirik Hesla Berget Hoping to Make Supercar Lites Debut at Nysum

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Credit: MARX Morten Asklund / EHB Motorsport

Young Norwegian driver Eirik Hesla Berget is set to make his Supercar Lites debut at the RallyX Nordic season-finale at Nysum, Denmark on 4-6 September, as long as travel restrictions allow him to travel to the circuit.

18-year-old Berget from Gol in Norway is diagnosed with the disease ‘Hyperecplxia‘, which has meant he has had to fight hard for several-years to get a racing license.

Since acheiving his goal, he’s been active in his national rallycross series, where he has most recently been driving an older generation Ford Fiesta. Berget lives by the attitude of: “Everything is possible if you want it enough, work hard and do not give up!

Credit: MARX Morten Asklund / EHB Motorsport

His own team EHB Motorsport has already worked with Supercar Lites driver Morten Asklund and also the team MARX Morten Asklund back in May to work on a potential future drive in the series for Berget.

Most recently Berget was given a 15 laps test session around the World RX venue of Lånkebanen in Hell with the car and the session proved the MARX team with the knowledge to help try and give Berget his dream.

In an announcement made by MARX on social media about the test, it read; “We must really say that we at MARX were somewhat surprised by what happened on Thursday.”

We did not have any special hopes with the test, but we got to see a unique talent. After a few quiet laps of driving through the track, we took out the footage from the inboard and exterior camera to look at some details. With a few simple instructions afterward, Eirik managed to set times we had not dared to hope for. Eirik’s joy and empathy show that there is hope for Norwegian motorsport, also in the future.”

Credit: MARX Morten Asklund / EHB Motorsport

Everything had been set for Berget to announce his entry into the championship ahead of the season finale next month, but earlier this week, the Norwegian government has changed travel restrictions in the country and both the team and driver team will now need to have a re-think to make his dream a reality.

If the restrictions aren’t lifted in time however, MARX Morten Asklund team manager Arild Solberg has admitted that they will try their absolute best to get Berget into a Supercar Lites race as soon as logistically possible.

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